Green Snack Co has raised INR 1 crore from shark tank season 2. Veenita invested in this startup. The pitcher asked for INR 1 crore at 2% equity of the company at the valuation of INR 50 crores.

Veenita offered INR 1 crore for 8% equity at the valuation of INR 12.5 crores. And the deal was done with Veenita’s offer of INR 1 crore at 8% equity.

Also Read Unstop has raised INR 2 crores from shark tank season 2. Amit, Anupam, Aman, and Namita invested in this startup. Pitcher asked for ₹ 1 cr. For 1% equity of the company at the valuation of ₹ 100 crores.

About Green Snack Co

The founders of Green Snack Co are Chetan Sharda and Jasmine Kaur. The CEO of the company is Jasmine, and Chetan is the COO. Jasmine has done her graduation from Delhi University and did MBA from LBSIM School in Delhi. Then she worked in HDFC bank and did a job in private banking. The last company where she worked was Manico. Chetan did MBA in Symbiosis and also worked in real estate for 8 years. Jasmine is a Punjabi and has faced many problems regarding weight and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore they started the Green Snack Co.

They deeply desired to create products that let you enjoy their Health & Goodness without ever compromising on the Joy of Taste. Its products are made from healthier ingredients. Contain no MSG and no preservatives and are made from less oil and fewer spices. More than 90% of business comes from offline. Therefore covid has severely affected their business, but they later made the growth. Right now, they have more than 10 lakh customers. With their vision, they want to reach all who wish to change their lifestyle and make it healthier. Their best-selling product is the Fiery Spice Quinoa Puff. Founders have around 53% equity; the rest is with the investors.

Green Snack Co Business Statistics

Around 85% of the business comes from offline mode, and the rest 15% of their business comes from online mode, of which 20% is from Quick Commerce and 60% is from domestic and international distribution. In the Offline sales split, 30% is general trade, 50% is modern trade, and 20% is HORECA and cinema halls. 

Sales before covid in 2017-18 were INR 2 crores, and in 2018-19, INR 7 crores. After covid, sales in 2020-2021 were INR 2.5 crores, and in 2021-22 was INR 4 crores. Last month’s revenue was INR 25 lakhs. They raised their first investment in 2016 of INR 1 crore at a post-money valuation of INR 13 crore from angel investors. In 2017 they raised INR 3.2 crores from an institutional investor at a post-money valuation of INR 23 crores. Again, in 2018 and 2020, they raised INR 13.5 crores at the post-money valuation of INR 67 crores. In 2021-22 annual burn was INR 1.5 crores.

What Problem Do They Solve

Green Snack Co brings snacks with pure, power-packed and authentic super ingredients like Kale, Nuts, Seeds, Berries, and super-grains like Quinoa, to make snack time joyful and guilt-free Oats, Ragi etc. Their products are made sans artificial flavourings, preservatives, gluten, MSG, and guilt, making it easier to binge on them all day without worrying about your health.

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