AMITECH’17 is the Techno-Cultural Fest of Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Bijwasan. It’s an exciting gala that lasts for two days and is filled with energetic and exhilarating events with everyone giving their best to whatever they are involved in. This event is extremely important for us as it brings the whole college together thereby promoting teamwork, liberty, imagination, creativity and professional competence, and management skills.

This year’s AMITECH’17 has been scheduled for 31st March and 1st April and is being hosted at AMITY University, Noida.

Stepping Up, the group dance competition is an event that stands out amongst other attractive events. Every year, fabulous dancers from a myriad of renowned colleges including those affiliated to Delhi University and GGSIP University give each other a fierce competition to prove their supremacy.

It’s said that some people learn to dance while some are born to. These mesmerizing dancers never fail at impressing the crowd with their moves, attitude, and stunts. As soon as they ascend the stage and the varied mashup of songs is played, heartbeats quicken, the audience tap their foot to the beats and one can feel the music and the rhythm piercing one’s body leaving you enthralled.

  • Each team consists of a maximum of 20 members and they are given 8-10 minutes for the performance.
  • All Western dance moves (freestyle) are allowed.
  • Dancers are judged on the basis of choreography, coordination, costume, makeup, expressions and energy.
  • Usage of props is allowed but it’s encouraged that the participants consult the event heads in advance.
  • Use of fire or any other inflammable object is restricted.
  • It’s a group dance competition, no lead dancer or solo performance is allowed at any point of time during the performance.

There’s a registration fee of 50 rupees per member and the last date for the same is 20th March. This year the event is on 1st April and the reporting time is 9:30 AM at AMITY University, Noida. The winners get to win prizes worth a whopping 10,000 rupees!

Wondering how to participate?

Just Visit: and get yourself registered for Stepping Up.

Official Facebook Page of AMITECH’17

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