Sepal Has Raised INR 50 Lakhs for the equity of 2%From Shark Tank India season 2. Shark Peyush invested in this startup. The pitchers asked for 50 lakhs for the equity of 15 at a valuation of 50 crores. 

Anupam, Aman, Amit and Namita did not understand their business model, and they felt that the features they are providing in technology would eventually come in electric bikes. But Piyush Bansal liked Vidhe’s life story, and after trusting the founder, Piyush offered him.

Piyush Bansal demanded 2% equity instead of 50 lakhs, valued at 25 crores. Only Piyush had given the offer, so in the end, only Piyush got this deal. Piyush Bansal took 2% equity of the company in his name for 50 lakhs.

About Sepal

Vidhey Addepally and Kashyap Addepally are the founders of this startup. Sepal Auto is a two-wheeler accessory brand that saves resources to give the bike rider complete control of the surf. An IIT engineer designs it. They provide this definition of Shield for the Wheeled. These products are Made in India.

Sepal is a collapsible roof that can be quickly attached to any motorcycle, and it completely protects the bike rider from the sun, rain, dust and cold. These make it a tool to provide on-demand protection to riders. In addition, it integrates with electronics, handle buttons and a mobile app to give riders all the IoT comforts in a car. Services like navigation, call alerts, and music has been added to the Sepal Auto two-wheeler accessory.

Sepal Auto Two-Wheeler Products:

Sepal Shield

SEPAL is the best partner for bike protection. It is built with fibre-reinforced plastic to withstand speeds of up to 120KMPH. It’s easy to use and easy to set up. This bike is designed to protect the rider from all external elements like heat, rain and pollutants.

Sepal IoT Module

Sepal IoT Module is the best infotainment platform that serves you to control navigation, music etc. Sepal IoT Module by Electronic Invention introduces the product to provide a comfortable ride to the bike rider.  IoT Module provides a best-in-class infotainment platform with a simple console (completely hands-free) on the mobile application.

Sepal IoT Module introduces the world’s first infotainment system experience for bikes. Sepal IoT Module is dedicated to giving a better riding experience to everyone by connecting to the app. It features an infotainment system with analogue controls for easy access to the mobile phone, along with services like calling, navigation, music, news, and more.

Sepal Thigh Flaps

Sepal Thigh Flaps A convenient add-on that protects the rider’s legs from either side. Made from waterproof jacquard fabric for everyday use. This makes it a durable and useful tool for the bike rider.

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Problem Solved By Sepal

Sepal is the world’s first motorcycle umbrella which protects bikers and the person sitting behind from intense sunlight, rain, dust, mud and pollution. After applying this, your bike becomes smart, after which you can enjoy navigation and music on the bike And can use features like call answering. It easily stays on more than 100 speed.

Business was started just 7 months ago by two brothers, Kashyak Adepalli and Vidhe Adepalli, from Hyderabad. This bright umbrella is being used by people in 25 states and sent to countries like the UK, the US, the Middle East and South Africa.

In the future, they want to do their maximum manufacturing and are about to launch their scooter version as well. Through this product, it wants to enhance the bike experience of the country and the whole world.

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