The startup Raising superstars has raised INR 1 crore for the equity of 4% from Shark tank India. This is a child development app. Sharks Ashneer and Aman invested in this startup.
The pitchers originally asked for INR 1 crore for the equity of 2%. Anupam left the deal with a concern about Customer Acquisition Costs. Namita also spoke up, stating that the vision does not align with her values as a mother. Vineeta also pulled herself back from the deal. Shark Ashneer offered them one crore with a 5% stake, and shark Aman Gupta offered them one crore with 4% equity. They later changed their minds and offered one crore with a 4% equity stake. And the deal was finalised at one crore rupees for the equity of 4%.

About Raising Superstars

Raghav Himatsingka, Stanford Graduate,  and Shraddha Himatsingka are the co-founders of this startup. Mobile App and Prodigy Baby are included. It gives parents tools to help their children develop demonstrated abilities in intelligence, languages, reading, memory, math, music, personality, and other areas in just five minutes a day, without any screen time or pressure. After a user signs up for the programme, it gives daily activities and workouts in the form of short videos and expert advice and support. Booster materials and flashcards are provided to the student’s houses. They sold their goods to more than 50,000 families in a year. They used one of their product users to explain how they benefit children.
There are four programs of Raising superstars.

500 rupees for 1 week

7000 rupees for 3 months

25000 rupees for 6 months

39000 rupees for 1 year

The monthly revenue of the startup is 1.1 crore rupees, and its gross margin is 80%.

Problems Solved By Raising Superstars

The main problem solved by the Raising superstar is that it helps in the early stage of brain development in children. 1 billion neurons work together to build a link between the stimulus they get and the stimulus they receive, which aids in 90 percent of brain development until the age of three. To eliminate inefficiencies, the brain attempts to sever the link between neurons. This age presents a window of opportunity where the linkages can be strengthened rather than severed if given the correct stimulus. The cost of the subscription is affordable so that every parent could take the subscription for their children.

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[…] Raising Superstars Enterprises, a child development application, has raised INR 1 crore from Shark Tank India.The pitchers originally asked for INR 1 crore  […]

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