Aadhaar is a national identity card provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India. Several Indians have an Aadhar card and it can be used to verify your identity and you can get a new SIM card, gas connection or make payments. Your Aadhair data has biometric information like a retina scan and fingerprint scans. It is a commonly used method of authentication. You may use your Aadhar card and authenticate through biometrics or a one time password sent to your phone. In case you are tense that your Aadhaar data can be misused, you can lock Aadhar biometric data online.

You can check when your Aadhar data was utilized for authentication.


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You need to follow some steps:

STEP 1: You have to go to UIDAI’s Aadhar authentication history page
STEP 2: You need to enter Aadhar number and the captcha in the image
STEP 3: You need to generate OTP. You will have a one time password through SMS on your phone. If you do not have it you can verify your phone number with UIDAI.
STEP 4: UIDAI lets you do the filtering of the search. This is done by specific authentication request types like biometric, demographics etc. The page enables you to choose the date range and you may see the authentication requests up to 6 months prior to the present date. The final field is the OTP. You need to enter it and click Submit.
STEP 5: You can see a detailed list of Aadhar authentication requests. This exhibits you the date, time and kind of authentication request. It does not exhibit what company or agency uses your Aadhar date for authentication purposes.
You need to check your Aadhar authentication history. It is not mandatory to have a printed copy of Aadhaar everywhere. You may utilize mAadhar app or download a copy of your Aadhar card.

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