House of Chikankari has raised INR 75 lakhs for the equity of 3.75% from Shark tank India season 2. The original ask from the pitchers was ₹75 lakh for 1% equity. Shark Aman invested in this startup.

Shark Anupam & Shark Vineeta Offer

₹75 lakh for 6% equity

Shark Peyush & Shark Aman Offer

₹75 lakh for 5% equity

Business Pitcher Counter

₹75 lakh for 2% equity

Shark Peyush & Shark Aman Revised Offer

₹75 lakh for 4% equity

Shark Anupam & Shark Vineeta Revised Offer

₹75 lakh for 4% equity

Shark Aman Revised Offer

₹75 lakh for 3.75% equity

Finally the deal was done at INR 75 lakhs for equity of 3.75%

About House of Chikankari

House Of Chikankari is an attempt to bring the traditional handcraft of women’s clothing with the heritage artwork of Lucknow through a new business model. With fabrics like muslin, velvet, silk, muslin, viscose, inayat and rayon, they sell Made in India products to the global market. House Of Chikankari brings you a complete range of handcrafted products like kurtas, kaftans, bottom wear, gowns, sarees and dupattas.

Mother-daughter duo Aakriti Rawal and Poonam Rawal have turned their hobby of creating their ethnic designs into a business during the lockdown and created a business strategy to bring Indian traditional heritage to the global market with a comfortable feel and handcraft. Everyone is inspired to see Mother Daughter Womanpreneurship by adapting ancient art and new business model into the new design.

The business was started in 2020. In 2021, he launched the website, which led to 5X Business Growth. House Of Chikankari gives employment opportunities for 2000+ women. Forming a network of 5000+ artisans to empower and liberate them, House Of Chikankari presents a range of Handcrafted & hand-embroidered Artifacts.
House Of Chikankari’s sales is 67% from India and 33% from abroad. 33% of House Of Chikankari’s customers are repeating.

House Of Chikankari had sales of ₹33 lakh in FY 2020 – 21 and ₹3.3 lakh in FY 2021 – 22. FY 2022 – 23 ₹ 7.4 sales have been done so far this year. In this, the last month’s sales have been ₹ 1.82 crores. Now FY 2022 – 23 Projected Sales are ₹15 Cr.
House Of Chikankari has a gross margin of 68% to 70% and a net margin of 15%. The House Of Chikankari Team has 70 people, and the, Product Range – is ₹ 2350 to ₹ 7000. Till now, there have been more than 15 thousand customers.

Wanted to see, a list of startups who pitched in Shark Tank Season 2, Know more at https://wext.in/c/shark-tank/

Problem Solved by House of Chikankari

House of Chikankari is a tribute to all moms who put their needs second to fulfil their daughters’ aspirations and to all devoted daughters who constantly work to make their mothers smile.

The designers of House of Chikankari work hard to combine comfort and elegance. We’re all about plush materials, meticulous attention to detail, and classic elegance. Every piece tells a different story and is designed in easy-going styles with tiny accents.

Through our unquenchable passion for Chikankari, they hope to restore the artists’ sense of pride in their fine craftsmanship and preserve it for future generations. They work intensely every day to do this and turn India’s traditional crafts into an accessible luxury every household treasures.

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