HoloKitab has raised 45 lakhs in exchange for 25% equity in the company. Namita invested in this startup. Pitchers made an ask of 45 lakhs for 10% equity.

Namita offered 45 lakhs in exchange for 25% equity, with the following conditions: They must expand their services into other industries and modify the revenue model. The pitcher’s counter-offer was for 45 lakhs in exchange for 20% company ownership.

Also Read Neuphony has raised 1 crore rupees at 5.4% equity of the company from shark tank season 2. Peyush and Aman invested in this startup.

About The HoloKitab

The founders of the company are Dipanshu Bajaj and Nikhil Miglani. Holokitab is an augmented reality company that brings school books to life. They’ve sold over 10,000 books. They began their business in the year 2020. They work in education and specialize in educational books and toy manufacturers. They charge a service fee of 100 rupees for each globe sold. Their model has been enhanced with SaaS. They started this service two months ago.

In Holokitab Business, they can include the necessary behavioral education in today’s era by designing creative and careful books and real materials. Holokitab can be used as authentic school books with additional features for immersive learning. Those features are: 

  1. Interactive 3D Animations)
  2. Natural Voiceover
  3. HD Graphics
  4. Combined with physical products with physical products

Holokitab Business Statistics:

Sales were 2 lakh rupees in the fiscal month of December 21 to March 22 because they only released a book of alphabets that year. Sales in the years 21-22 were 10 lakh rupees because they released three more books that year. This year, sales are expected to total 3 lakhs. They have a contract for globes with a company that will last 4 to 5 years and pays them 4 to 5 lakh rupees annually. The book’s service fee will be 10% of the MRP. They are currently in the B2B model but would like to transition to the B2C model.

What Problem Do They Solve

Holokitab Business believes that books will always be the best primary source of learning. Learning from the video is a new trend but a passive activity. You will get fast information, but retention will be very low. Studies have shown that the human brain retains more information when it is obtained for a long time. Therefore it will help in teaching children faster. And will keep books as the primary source of learning through its product. With AR Technology through Holokitab Application without any additional cost, the Holokitab Product can be used, and the actual 3D vision can be made available. Their effort to teach children with pleasure in an active view is presented in the product.

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