One of the biggest challenges that these days almost every employer are broadly facing is the lack of proper care and safety of their employees. It is the moral obligation of every organization to ensure the well-being of their committed members, which distinctly depend on the nature and environment of the workplace. As the care of hygiene, hazard and noise free atmosphere, the room should be well spacious and obstruction free etc. these are few general amenities that plays an extremely smart role in engaging a large number of employees.

But apart from these, there are also some key factors are widely responsible for the poor engagement of the employees. When a company is started, at the first level it becomes a newly developed emerging company called ‘startup’, which is always ready to seize the new opportunities of both type’s normal and venture. Though startup offers their efficient employees rapid salary scaling and post of promotion but yet at some points get the victim of the major incompetence and failure. However, its sharp reason is the poor work management and less engagement of the skillful employees.

Now we are going to share some worthy to apply tips that would definitely work for any startups in their employee’s engagement practice:

Provide Accurate Development Training:

Development training of the employees is quite separate from their basic knowledge and skills. The training that employee obtains in the workplace is a specific job oriented skill, efficiency and knowledge help to improve gradually the performance in their current role.

Providing regular feedback:

Giving the regular performance feedback becomes more impactful than general discussion. Timely review of the employee’s performance not only helps them in updating their skills and capabilities but also brings a wide difference in their work role. But provided you have to avoid the self-protective and provoking response.

Maintaining Open Communication:

It is a key point for most of the business success. Effective open communication always proves helpful in engaging more and more employees at any workspace. It usually seems much simple but in truth is a highly drastic tool in maintaining healthy and joyful work environment.

To inspire for the rewarding work:

A highly essential tool of the business success, instead of enjoying own leadership success alone, it is quite better and beneficial to share the successful business growth journey with working employees. Sharing the success along with appreciation make the employees feel a significant part of the work achievement.

Identifying positive work capability:

It is such a problem that most of the businesses struggle to lower. Performance bar of the workers actually brings a lack of success. In a company, everyone wants to do their own style of work and creates the outcome as per their will and potentiality. In order to generate a good result that is enough demanding and necessary for the company growth. Give them time flexibility and navigate them according to it, set clear criteria of the achievement based promotion, providing appropriate expert guidance and developmental support.

Frequent visit of the events:

Company event is always a great source of building a healthy relationship of the employer with his/her employees. It allows employees to relax, doing fun, identifying their values and celebrating the success of their team and company effort with other counterparts.

It is actually a crucial part of any business strategy put emphasis on brand promotion as well as potential employee engagement through collaboration, support and reward system.

Startup Manthan is such an event, which is organized as an initiative to help those startups facing the same vulnerable situation in the path of their business growth. It is a mega event is scheduled for two days on 15th and 16th Feb 2019, helped by the WEXT community, an effective platform of the fresh business start-ups. It helps in leveraging their professional network. In the startup Manthan extravaganza around 5,000 guests is going to take part, among them, there are around 3,000+ will be Entrepreneurs, 200+ will be Speakers, 50+ Startup Unicorns and 50+ will be Investors.

So, If you are startup/business and looking to kick-start/expand your business, Register yourself at http://bit.ly/StartupManthan

Salary Hike:

It is an effective way that any successful workplace primarily follows. The process of increment and salary hike makes an individual feel an accomplished or highly valued in their limit of work performance and potentiality.

The motivation of the employee:

Collecting regular feedback over the handling ability of any challenging task and motivating them according to that is a key aspect of more & more employee’s engagement in any workplace. The motivation should run on a regular basis because without perfect motivation company will go to failure and risk.

The flexibility of the workplace:

Employees often express a wish for flexibility in their work that management mostly avoid or decline, generates a mental annoyance in them. It is a long-run create a big obstacle in the route of company growth.

Having 5+ years of Experience in Operations Head, Logistics, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, UI/UX Designing. Anupama B Gaba is currently engaged with 2 entities one is TechnoGripper Solutions Private Limited as Director and another is WEXT.in Community as Cofounder.

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