It seems enough exciting but a bit confusing year in relation to Data Science. Unlike the last year the data tech ecosystem even this year is continuously running towards drastic. If nothing else, but obviously AI has become much central and operative in 2018, in both business and personal communication fields.  If on one hand data technologies like big data, machine learning, data science, and AI is leading the step forth and gradually emerging itself as a more efficient and worthy to adopt in the businesses more comprehensively around the world.

Then, on the other hand, a huge cross-section of the people has become well familiarize with its several drawbacks of the data. Whether it is via public argue on the risks of AI, the Cambridge Analytical panel of scandal, a large Equifax of data violation, has revealed that the data world has begun uncovering some darker and scarier undertones those, which are the turning points of the same event, which has been evolving for many years and now is fully visible. Around everything from personal to professional is swiftly getting digitized and data technologies now have become more adaptive than earlier at the level of processing and analyzing of the immense data exhaust in real time.

Those Sectors have adopted AI

These days every industry is engaging with AI business models. A company doesn’t require being a large venture to provide the best satisfactory service to its customers with both lower-price and outstanding result. AI is helping both small and mid-businesses in filling the customers’ demands on an immediate basis, raising the standard of the inventory systems by consisting of minimum time process, decrease shipping and stocking procedure mistake along with the ease of payment and collection procedure. AI in the whole amount has overturned the strategically business landscape specifically in the industries of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, IT, Law, media, entertainment, insurance, food, and education.

Effect of AI

Viewing companies’ such gradual transition many are estimating how this transition will someday take a shape of fatal unemployment only for the reason of decreasing job chances. If the heavy labor replacement is not the cause of the company’s transit than expert human knowledge based AI will not be in any way the result of unemployment.  In terms of AI for generating a large number of jobs, companies are required to reconfigure the jobs by including several new tasks or creating completely different roles that are distinctively necessary to manage intelligent technologies.

Through Studies

When the talk is about the trendy predicted technologies in 2019, studies of Forbes and Gartner have found that how AI is skillfully serving as a brain of the autonomous things such as robots, drones and various types of autonomous vehicles, enabling them to interact naturally with both the people and nearby surroundings. Within the zone of increasing intelligence, Gartner has thoroughly studied the increasing analytics and has stated that machine learning transform those content that is set by the analytics and it includes how is it consumed, shared and rapidly progressing with the mainstream adoption. This overall process empowers organizations to improve the process of decision making and action of all employees besides analysts and data scientists. The study also talks about the increasing needs of the simple in handling tools that can be well leveraged by the application developers in place of data scientists.  There is also unimaginable growth in smart spaces, which in physical or digital environment interact according to the human and technology-enabled system in the immensely open, connected, intelligent and coordinated ecosystem.

The leading rate of popularity of AI and the way in which companies and individual are days by day getting dependent over it has clearly shown that AI is now no more a buzzword instead of has become a way of life and has become enough simple for phone and smartphone users who can easily find the phones and news algorithms. Now, we have begun to understand the potential of AI and have begun to follow the steps in the right direction for the positive conclusions.

Hailing from a computer background, Paras Gaba had proven skills in the corporate alliance, technology, branding, digital transformation, growth hacking, and entrepreneurship. Vast and versatile experience from management to IT industry, and entrepreneurial organization to not-for-profit units.

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