Ekatra Handmade Has Raised INR 20 lakhs for the equity of 20% from Shark Tank India season 2. Sharks  Peyush and Amit invested in this startup. The pitchers asked for Rs. 40 lakhs against 10% equity. 

Namita believes they don’t need investors at the time, whereas Aman thinks the company is still small-scale. Peyush gives their branding and packaging excellent marks for their “feel good factor.”

Although Amit agrees with the other sharks, he nonetheless makes an offer on the condition that they concentrate on one or two things rather than trying to handle several things at once. The offers made by Peyush and Amit coincidentally align, and they are eager to work together to further the cause of women’s emancipation. But his offer is the only thing on the table that cannot be changed. Peyush would prefer to concentrate more on the production element of this business, while Amit brings his technical and marketing knowledge to the table. “Ekatra” strikes a deal with the two sharks for Rs. 20 lakhs for 20% equity and Rs. 20 lakhs in debt and returns home jubilant.

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About Ekatra Handmade

Shark Tank India Season 2 Ekatra Handmade Vision Business Space comes from a design and visual communication background. Aishwarya blends minimalist design elements with a hand touch, resulting in superior products and designs. Ekatra Handmade Business comes to life as a complement to an artistic lifestyle inspired by Rajasthan’s colours, textures, art, style and ambience. Aishwarya and her small creative team designed each product of Ektara.

Meenakshi and Aishwarya Jhawar are a pair of mother-daughter co-founders of the gathered handmade business. They are looking for many mediums to express themselves and want to structure the product by attaching day-to-day life for utility from the original. Therefore, they are expanding the business to tell stories through their handmade stationery and goods and making them soul dependent.

Tools for connecting Ekatra Handmade Business home. Sustainable designs sustainable paper goods and collections. Fill your life with a natural environment and nature-loving feeling with products. Through the women’s artisan community, they give women the opportunity for self-reliance.

Ekatra Handmade Business Statistics

  • Ekatra’s Handmade business was started in June 2020.
  • The artistic creations are designed by a team of 32 women native to Rajasthan.

Problem solved By Ekatra Handmade.

Ekatra Handmade Business sells the items produced by the hands of women by providing opportunities to the women who take care of the housework. The Founder’s mother had little opportunity to advance in work in India’s conservative setting. Mom & Daughter Shark Tank India Womanpreneur Business Ekatra has been created in this search. Today these women doing handicrafts have presented a healthy lifestyle for their families and their ability to provide better education to their children. Today we have the opportunity to learn about this supernatural goal of his with business.

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