Bullspree Has Raised INR 75 Lakhs From Shark Tank season 2 for 2.86% equity in the company. Aman and Piyush invested in this startup.

Pitchers have asked for 75 lakhs rupees in exchange for 1.5% equity at a valuation of 50 crore rupees. Aman counter offers 26 lakhs rupees for 1% equity and 49 lakhs debt. Piyush and Aman invested 75 lakhs rupees for 2.86% equity in the company.

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About Bullspree

The CEO of the company is Dharmil Bavishi. Dharmil completed his degree in Industrial engineering and got into an e-commerce company.

Divyansh and Harsh are the co-founders, and they are from Ahmedabad. After 1.5 years he was promoted to the CEO position of the company. Divyansh has a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi and worked with two startups. Harsh is a chartered accountant. In the year 2016-2019, he used to audit the private sector and health sector.

Bullspree company is a gaming platform where you can learn about a stock while playing. You can start playing this game by login into Bullspree. You must participate in a league contest to create a stock profile. And then watch the live leaderboard of your stock profile. 

The risk of loss is low because there is no actual buying and selling of stocks. They have boarded 2 lakh users in just 6 months. The application is available on Play Store.

Bullspree Business Statistics:

Bullspree charges a commission of 20% in every contest. It has raised two rounds of funding. In September 2021, they raised 2 crores at a post-money valuation of 12.5 crores, February 2022, and they raised 1 crore at a post-money valuation of 26.5 crore rupees. Their last month’s gross transaction value was 90 lakh rupees, and sales were 18.5 lakhs rupees. Company’s CAC is 52 rupees, and the average revenue from paid users in 2022 is 322. The D60 retention rate is 78%, and the monthly burn is 18 lakhs rupees.

Problem solved by Bullspree

Bullspree company is a stock market gaming platform. It allows its users to participate in contests and win money. All they need to do is create a portfolio of stocks and compete with other users. It helps to spread awareness about the stock market in India. It is also an exciting, risk-free way to learn stock market basics and earn massive rewards.

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