The Bhavnagar scooter guy founder of Booz Scooters in Shark Tank India quoted 4 million to 15 % equity which was further finalised after agitated counter-offers to INR 40 lakhs to 50% equity by aggressive sharks Ashneer Grover & Vanita Singh though roughly criticised by Aman Gupta.

Accordingly, an opening was given to Shark tank India Ahmedabad entrepreneur from list of Indian startups in shark tank ‘Rutvij dasadia’ the owner of the Booz Scooters with an excellent vision of eliminating fuel vehicles usage by adopting sustainable methods in the automobile Industry utilizing app-based electronic scooters for short term distances in University campuses, business parks, Residential Areas, Tourist spots, hotels & clubs.

The much-gossiped show shark tank India featured yet another entrepreneur from Ahmedabad. ‘The Booz’, an app-based startup that started in 2017 with a net worth of 2.5 crores to date, has earned a revenue of 4 lakhs in the first year with a substantial investment of 9.5 lakhs.

While Ashneer Grover exclusively rolled in headlines these days & Vanita Singh was convinced with the business idea of Shark tank India Entrepreneur  ‘Rutvij Dasadia’ on Renting e-bike for mobility in Private sector.

About Booz Scooters

Booz scooters is a new and resourceful way to commute first in South Asia. The first two-wheeled electric scooter subscription rental service can be ridden without pedalling. The company was founded in 2017 by ‘Rutvij Dasadia’.

The Booz scooters Shark tank India entrepreneur has received positive feedback from customers who have praised the product’s convenience and ease of use. The company plans to expand its operations into other cities in India over the next year.

Problem Solved By Booz Scooter

The Booz scooters featured in Shark tank India Sony tv has developed an easy-to-use app that allows riders to find and book available scooters. The app also provides real-time updates on the location of available scooters and information on the rider’s current ride status.

The shark tank entrepreneur Rutvij Dasadia, the founder of Booz scooters, came up with an innovative and disruptive solution to the perennial problem of Mumbai’s traffic congestion. His company offers a fleet of electric scooters in subscription service that can be rented for short periods to help commuters get around quickly and easily.

Problem solved by shark tank India startup Booz scooters Rutviz Dasadia:

  • How to make transportation more affordable for people in the city.
  • They came up with the idea of creating a low-cost electric scooter that could be used to get around town.
  • The scooters are available for purchase online and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

We wish ‘Booz Scooters’ a great future of transforming & promoting the vision of environment-friendly digital scooters in digital India, giving rise to a victorious shark tank India startup.


अन्तिम पडाव

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Hari Krishna Nayak
Hari Krishna Nayak
2 years ago

So nice 👌

2 years ago

[…] Bhavnagar scooter guy founder of Booz Scooters in Shark Tank India quoted 4 million to 15 % equity which was further finalised after agitated […]

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