The startup Watt Technovations has raised 101 rupees for the equity of 4% from Shark Thank India. Sharks Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar and Anupam Mittal, invested in this ventilated PPE manufacturing startup.
The original ask by the pitcher was 101 rupees for the equity of 2%. There were no counter-offers. All of the sharks offered advice on what to do, how to do it, and where. Peyush Bansal stated that he would not be a part of the investment, but he promised Nihaal that he would maintain his contact information and invest in an idea that he would be interested in. Anupam and Namita each agree to contribute Rs.101 to the investment. Pitcher asked Peyush to join Namita and Anupam in exchange for 4% equity for Rs.101 at a valuation of Rs.2525.

About Watt Technovations

Engineering student Nihaal Singh Adarsh is 19 years old. He aspires to build a large tech company that focuses on ordinary people’s concerns and can assist them in solving them.
Doctors, sanitary employees, chemical industry workers, pharmaceutical factory workers, and automobile painters find it challenging to wear a PPE outfit for extended periods since it generates a lot of heat and causes them to sweat profusely. So, to solve this problem, he created the COV-Tech ventilation system, a small ventilation system that can be plugged into any PPE kit and keeps you cool and fresh while reducing sweat and suffocation.
The valuation of the company is 5050 rupees.

Problem Solved By Watt Technovations

It is a revolutionary product in the medical industry. The world has witnessed a challenging COVID situation in the last couple of years. Doctors, nurses and other frontline workers wear PPE kits day and night, and they feel very sweaty. This ventilated PPE kit solves this sweating issue. This ventilated PPE kit by Watt Technovations is cost-effective and easily available in medical stores and other e-commerce stores. It solves the availability issue. The ventilated PPE kit is cost-effective even people from lower-income groups can easily purchase them. This PPE kit is very innovative, and it will inspire our Indian Youngsters to focus on innovations. By innovating this kind of thing, our Indian economy will grow rapidly.

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