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If we talk about the proxgy shark tank India, it was featured in the episode of shark tank India, one of the most famous shows. The founder of Proxgy name is Pulkit Ahuja and Inderjit Singh Makkar. Pulkit Ahuja is an entrepreneur, author, and also inventor. On the other side, if we talk. About Inderjit Singh Makkar then, he is also an entrepreneur. Both are from the team of Proxgy. They were born and brought up in Delhi.

In the episode of shark tank India, it was shown that pitchers approach with the request of 35 Lakh for around 1 per cent equity of the company. The pitcher also mentioned that the company’s valuation is around 35 crore. After a thorough discussion, Ashneer and Peyush gave an offer of 50 Lakh for 10 per cent equity of the company. Later Pulkit and Inderjit gave a counteroffer of around 50 Lakh for 2.5 per cent equity. Later on, again, Ashneer and Peyush gave a counteroffer of 1 crore for 10 per cent equity. So the final deal was done for one crore for 10 per cent equity with Ashneer and Peyush.

About Proxgy Shark Tank India

It is essential to know that Proxgy has made patented in India technology. There is no doubt that Proxgy is meant to solve all the issues by offering an extreme level of privacy, discoverability, and immersive experience. Their products now have more than 1.2 lakh pre-orders in the market, which holds more than ten crores. Mainly the product of Proxgy consists of four main domain and ensure to offer multi-payment gateway audio boxes and usage of the warehouse as well. You can find the tap to scan feature and voice-enabled property.

Proxy, a first of its sort worldwide assistance sent off during the Covid pandemic, empowers clients to book a genuine human symbol whenever at each available spot and explore the actual world through that intermediary symbol while sitting at home with a vivid involvement with a live way.

  • The main objective of this is to help people know anything from anywhere.
  • The best thing about Proxgy is that it can also book a live assist to see something.
  • If you are willing to stay at more than one place, you can download the application of Proxgy and book Proxgy at your favourite spot.
  • This gives a glittery experience to the user, and the contact details are also shared immediately in the process to avoid any hassle.

Problem solved by Proxgy

Sony Shark Tank India gives a platform and opportunity to the company that needs investment to grow more and help more people. Now people can stay safe at home, and Proxgies will navigate the city for them to live with the help of the shelf WhatsApp call and help with their daily chores.

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