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If we talk about the founder of Growfitter shark tank India, its founder has asked for about INR 50 Lakh in exchange for 1 per cent equity of the company in this excellent show Shark tank India. The main aim of this application was to keep people’s health fit. This mobile application also rewards the users for keeping and maintaining their health, fit and fine. We all know that fitness plays a significant role in human life. These days, due to a busy schedule and too much work pressure, people don’t take care of their health seriously. By taking the concept of fitness and health, the founder of grow fitter jas come up with this mobile application to help people in all possible ways.

The founder of grow fitter is Sanmati Pande and Harshit Sethy. In the episode of Shark Tank, they asked for 50 lakh for 1% equity, and the Shark tank India startup made the deal which was done with ₹50 Lakhs for 2% Equity.

About Growfitter Shark Tank India

Are you wondering what Growfitter is? Well, grow fitter is an app, Or we can say a mobile application in which users can easily track their walk, run, cycle, and win several exciting rewards. It is essential to know that grow fitter has built a business in a short time and has gained around 10 million registered users and 1 million members in August. They have also taken US 600k funding from Silicon Valley, making good growth.

  • There is no doubt that many startups employ different strategies to do their business. However, this brand offers all the things related to fitness for the welfare of the users.
  • The best thing about this application is that it provides several nutritional information and fitness tips.
  • This mobile application keeps the tracking and gives several rewards that users can easily claim.
  • In this mobile application, the users get exclusive rewards every week, such as Protein shaker, movie tickets, iPhone, Airpod, and many other exciting offers.

You must have seen in the Shark Tank India season 1 episode 32 that grow fitter is a reward-based fitness application.

Problem solved by Growfitter

The central concept of giving tips is to keep people fit, even if the reason is gaining exciting prizes. Growfitter mainly sells healthy products, especially protein products, to the user. Many people have benefitted from this unique mobile application.

In this mobile application, the users get a health quiz from which they will be able to get complete information that is specially related to their health and will also receive to know how their health is.

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