Are you planning to do something creative and innovative day n night?

Is all-time your mind clicked you and inspired you to see the new perspective in daily regular activities. Here are some carriers which give a boost in your life and satisfying your zeal to do something creative.

Graphic Designer: 

Graphic designers combination of art and technology to communicate creative ideas through images and text.
He/she use a variety of design elements to bring artistic or decorative effects. They are responsible for designing banners, logos, advertisement and much more for completing the product goal. A Graphic designer worked with sales and marketing department and help to achieve the product goal of a company, A graphic designer has to be updated with the latest technology in the market.

Skills Required: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw

User Experience(UX):

UX designers are responsible for making websites, mobile application, software or video games make easier and more intuitive for users. They analyzing how people feel about a particular system and design their product according to the needs of the user.Basically analyzing the specific components of the system such as how useful it is, how valuable, and credibility, accessibility.UX enhancing the user satisfaction for the product.

Skills Required: Javascript, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Corel Draw

Interior Design:

They are the professionals who are helping to improve home decor, interior, and utilizing space according to the need which improves the safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal of the area. They select color, furniture, decoration, flooring, lighting and all. Interior Designers utilizing his thoughts and making sketch or use designing software’s to communicate their projects with the architect, basic specialists, and builder who bring their thoughts into reality callings

Skills Required: AUTOCAD, Customer Service, Retail Settings

Multimedia Art and Animator:

These Professional are Participate in design and production of multimedia campaigns, handling budgeting and scheduling, and assisting with such responsibilities as production coordination, background design, and progress tracking.Creating special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media for use in products or creations, such as computer games, movies, music videos, and commercials.
Create basic designs, drawings, and illustrations for product labels, cartons, direct mail, or television.

Skills Required: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Interaction Design

Art Director:

As an art director you must be a leader; someone who inspires and guides the vision of the design team. However, someone who sees themselves as the design top dog will inevitably be heading for an embarrassing fall. You have to be able to recognize the talent in those around you and learn how best to get the best from you. An art director who sees themselves in a position of hierarchical authority is simply a glorified manager.

Skills Required: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw

Advertising and Promotions:

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing managers plan to generate business on product/services. They work with sales agents, financial staff. Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager positions are exceedingly attractive and are frequently looked for by other managers and experienced experts. Therefore, the solid competition is normal. With Web-based marketing i.e Online Marketing & Digital Marketing ending up plainly more imperative, promoting manager who can explore the digital world ought to have the best prospects.

Skills Required: Marketing, Budgeting, Good Communication Skills

Fashion Designer:

Fashion Designers try to design clothes which can be useful in addition to aesthetically appealing. a good expertise of the target market’s lifestyle and purchaser wishes and necessities is likewise wanted in fashion design. Designers should have accurate conversation capabilities and be capable of specific their thoughts truly. However most important, they should be unique and feature fresh, modern ideas.

Skills Required: Adobe Photoshop, Product Development, Merchandising

Film & Video Editor:

Employment of Film and Video Editors and camera operations increasing every day from last few years, faster than the common for all occupations. Production Corporations and Video Freelancers are running with new content material transport methods, inclusive of cellular gadgets or via online television, which may also lead to more work for editors and digicam operators.

Skills Required: Photography, Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Premiere

Having 5+ years of Experience in Operations Head, Logistics, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, UI/UX Designing. Anupama B Gaba is currently engaged with 2 entities one is TechnoGripper Solutions Private Limited as Director and another is Community as Cofounder.

Neha Kant – Founder and CEO at Clovia

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7 years ago

Awesome.. thanks..For the information..

Anupama Bhandari
Anupama Bhandari
Reply to  Mumtaz
7 years ago

Thank u Mumtaz..

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Fantastic site. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to
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And certainly, thank you for your effort!

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