Early Life:

Neha Kant was born in Delhi but was grown up at Haridwar. Her father worked in BHEL and was among that body of engineers who expect their children to follow their footsteps. Neha was a science student, on engineering background but she started playing with numbers and digits very well.

She was graduated from Miranda House at Delhi University in the year 2002 holding BA(H), Math.

Later, she joined Foreschool of Management in the year 2002 thereby completing (PGDBM) a business management course in the year 2004.


  • It all started when she was an Account Executive at FCB ULKA for a year.
  • Her turning point started with Bag It Today which was an India Today Group where she was a Head of Sales&Marketing.She led the position for 4 years successfully. She was responsible for sales, product packaging, pricing decisions, managing customer promotions, medical planning, data-lease analysis and co-ordination of supply-chain. She was extensive in the internet and direct marketing medians.
  • Later she was digital marketing Head for which was under Smile Interactive Technologies Group for 4 months.
  • And finally, her Lingerie brand concept was out in the year 2013. She is the founder and CRO of her startup called Clovia, the number one lingerie company of India. Her other co-founders are her husband Pankaj Vermani and two other friends Suman Choudhary, Aditya Chaturvedi.It’s incubated at Mountain Apollo India and later various ventures and partners were into Clovia.Clovia’s former name was Purple Panda Fashion Pvt Ltd.

Hard work was the only ticket to success. This made me competitive and ambitious right from the Start

Neha Kant, Clovia

Achievements and Abilities:

  • India Today Group was running with the 7 digit amount of around 15 lakh per month but within no time Neha made it to 1 Crore per month and then the revenue got established to more than 10 Crore.
  • She has a rare ability to go for objectives which needed rare leadership character of building a strong team.
  • Her ability to grow transition from a small business to reasonable size is her other ability.
  • She is an asset for organizations who have the ability to drive growth in multiples through smart strategies and action plan.

What makes Clovia a better place to work?

She started online democracy to reach out customers directly where their feedbacks will be taken.

An offline expansion is one ideology where it favors unemployed women to work from home, student girls would recover their tuition fee for quite some time. Besides her office has a nursery for the kids of working mothers in her company.Her 1-year-old son Neil accompanies his mom every day.

The brand is affordable and has got attractive packages with a new range of collection.

Her Presence in the Indian Market:

  • She thinks this lingerie market is hugely dominated by men and women needs to get out of Indian taboo.
  • Her E-commerce platform has tools which are easy for the users to understand the fittest by answering few questions related to their phase of life.
  • Another attractive point is “The gentleman’s guide” which is easy for the men gift according to the occasions.
  • Most important is the “Private view” which is easy for the user to access anywhere and anytime to avoid getting embarrassed.
  • Neha Kant, a successful womenpreneur touching 25 Crore market and expanding 100,000 units in 800 different cities in India.

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