Startup Peeschute has raised INR 75 lakhs for the equity of 6% from Shark Tank India. Shark Aman Gupta Invested in this disposable urine bag manufacturing startup.

The owner of the startup Siddharth Tawarwala originally asked for INR 75 lakhs for 45 of the equity. For 75 lakhs, Ashneer requested a 7% equity stake. Aman offered 75 lakhs in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. Anupam and Vineeta made a joint offer of 75 lakhs for a 10% stake in the company. Siddhant countered Aman’s offer of 75 lakhs for 6% equity. And Aman finally agreed with the counteroffer of the pitcher.

About Peeschute

Siddhant described how individuals, particularly women, have difficulty urinating in public locations. Proper, clean, and hygienic restroom facilities are lacking in bus stops, tourist attractions, railway stations, and other public places. This issue troubled Siddhant, prompting the creation of Peeschute. Peeschute is a brand of unisex disposable urinal bags that turn human pee into a gel. This approach has the potential to tackle issues with water, heavy infrastructure, plumbing, and drainage in public areas. He proved that a peeschute is constructed of paper with a unisex funnel, and urine solidifies when it comes into touch. There is no odour or leakage. He includes the installation of a privacy chamber with this purchase.

The company is worth Rs.18.75 crores. Each Peeschute medi costs 33 rupees, and Peeschute travel costs ten dollars. They had already made a 7.5 crore investment. They have gained 14 lakhs in the first year and 23 lakhs in the second year. They are estimated to be around one crore this year.

Problem Solved By Peeschute

The blue bags are from Peeschute medi, a healthcare company. Those who had lesser immobility or paralysis after surgery benefited from this. Peeschute travel is a yellow package that is travel friendly and emits a scent when opened, providing a pleasant urinating experience. They want to replace the toilet system completely. They will also install a privacy cubicle chamber in various locations in conjunction with this device. These chambers will cost INR 2500 each. This is a collapsible chamber that can be quickly folded and placed. The fundamental concept is to replace expensive toilets with low-cost sections.

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