Startup MeatYour has raised  INR 30 lakhs for 20 % equity by sharks Mr Peyush Bansal, founder and CEO of Lenskart; Mr Aman Gupta, co-founder and CMO of boAt and Mr Anupam Mittal, founder and CEO of Shaadi.com and People Group combinedly.

Saisharan Gandhi & Arnav Gandhi are the founders of MeatYour Natural, a chicken egg farming startup. Shree Balaji Farms is another name for the meat brand. The farm started in March 2020 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. In 2021, the farm will be a success. It was done with some chickens when first established the farm; presently, over 20,000 hens are on it.

The startup owner primarily asked for INR 30 lakhs for 5% of equity to the sharks. The deal was countered by Mr Peyush Bansal, Mr Aman Gupta and Mr Anupam Mittal. The three judges offered INR 30 lakhs for 20% of the equity. Then the entrepreneurs discussed among them, and finally, they agreed to the deal.

About MeatYour

MeatYour Natural is a chicken egg farming startup; its founder is Saisharan Gandhi, Arnav Gandhi, a resident of Pune. He created this unique farming with the help of his technical knowledge. He has completed his engineering and computer science education, so he has a lot of technical expertise.

This hens farming is done naturally; now Shree Balaji Farms also gives its franchise. The company grows their chicken up by feeding natural things, grasses, etc., for better nourishment inside the chicken.

MeatYour has a valuation of ₹5 crores; recently, they had a perfect sale. They have a massive demand for their eggs. The valuation of this company may be increased in the coming 2022.

Problems Solved By MeatYour

Meatyour is a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers fresh free, range eggs across Pune and Mumbai. They have done this with the ease of technology so that anyone can order farm-fresh eggs with the ease of sitting at home.

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