Malaki has raised ₹50 lacs for 3% equity of the company. Peyush and Aman invested in this startup. The pitchers asked for ₹50 lacs for 1% equity of the company at the valuation of ₹50 crores.

At first, Anupam offered ₹50 lakhs for 5% equity. Then Peyush and Aman gave a combined offer of ₹50 lacs for 3% equity. Owners gave a counteroffer of ₹50 lacs for 2.5% equity. And the deal was done with Peyush and Aman at ₹50 lacs for 3% equity of the company.

Also Read Hornback has raised 50 lakhs in exchange for 2.5% equity in the company. Amit invested in this startup.

About Malaki

The founders of the company are Mohit Bhatia and Ashish Bhatia. They are from Mumbai and come from a food and beverage family. Everyone has a favorite beverage. Malaki is an Indian beverage made from natural ingredients and local ingredients. Tonics, Ginger Ale, sparkling water, and coffee tonics are available combinations. They also have an especially homegrown Spice Ginger Ale made from their family’s secret recipes dating back 60 years. 

The company was founded in 2018. They are available on over 500 HoReCa, marketplace, and e-commerce websites, including Zomato and Swiggy. The Indian sparkling water market is worth 150 crores. Their goal is to be the market leader in this category. They were chosen as Indian brands in Singapore Airlines’ business class from among 15 competitors. With Swiggy, they will reach 19 cities and Pune within the next month.

Malaki Business Statistics:

A can of sparkling water costs 60 rupees. Sales were 42 lakhs last month. 40% of total sales are from the Ginger Ale range, 30% from the tonic range, and 30% from the sparkling water. Mumbai accounts for 90% to 95% of total sales. Sales in FY 20-21 are 1.5 crores, and sales in FY 21-22 are 2.7 crores. The sales forecast for FY 22 to 23 is 9 crores. A product sold at 35, with a making cost and tax of 11, a retail price of 25, and a gross margin of 56%. Marketing consumes 25% of the gross margin. The net profit margin is 13%. They received 2.2 crores in funding at a post-money valuation of 15.5 crores.

What Problem Do They Solve

The formal name of Malaki Business is A1 Cuisines Pvt Ltd. Malaki is a business to present Premium Water and Beverage Products using natural ginger in the ginger ale range for its premium tonic water. They have a luxury beverage offering instead of a high-cost beverage made of Sugar content and harmful artificial ingredients. This brand’s specialty is presenting 24-KARAT Gold Flavoured water to Alkaline Nutrient-Rich Beverages Over to Spiced Ginger Ale. 

They offer sparkling water from the Himalayas and coffee tonic made from Kerala coffee in an authentic packaging process. These companies operate under two business models: B2C and D2C. This company has given new meaning to India’s Functional Beverage Landscape. Its product is available in all major markets.

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