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The shark tank In A Can India startup has raised INR 1 crore for the equity of 10% from Shark tank India. It was an all-shark deal.

During the epidemic, Sameer Mirajkar and Viraj Sawant, both hotel management graduates, came up with the idea for their business. Low-calorie canned drinks, such as rum latte, whiskey collins, gin and tonic, are available from the canned cocktail firm In A Can India startup. Although the partners had requested 50 lakh rupees in exchange for a 2% stake in the firm, the sharks Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, and Anupam Mittal ended up offering them Rs 1 crore in exchange for a 10% stake in an exclusive episode of In A Can shark tank India 2021.

About In A Can

The firm makes ready-to-drink cocktails packaged in cans that everyone can enjoy without the need for a bartender. These items are available in five distinct flavours. LIIT, Gin and Tonic, Whiskey Collins, Vodka Mule, and Rum Latte are available concoctions. It can have a 9-month shelf life. UP and Goa are now the only states where they are accessible.

Problem Solved By In A Can

The cocktails from In A Can shark tank India are of excellent quality, ready to be served and the best craft drinks you’ve ever tasted. InACan’s beverages always have an additional degree of refinement and unusual ingredients, so it doesn’t hurt that they’re always unique. And yes, it’s incredible that all of this can be stored in a single 250ml can. However, the essential thing is to have a memorable bar experience that you can keep in your fridge.

India has changed the way we drink cocktails. Think about how good a drink would be if your city’s top bartender created it at the best bar. This excellent drink was created by a brilliant crew that wanted you to experience the energy of your favourite hangout at home.

Finally, Shark tank’s advice for entrepreneurs was to not run after money and focus and excel in the field.

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Harish Kumar m
1 year ago

This…. in a can drinks.. dealership available in Karnataka state and it is a constant of alcohol pls tell about the product

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