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The shark India startup Eventbeep is a student community application startup that has raised INR 30 lakhs for the equity of 3% from Shark Tank India. Sharks Ashneer, Aman and  Peyush invested in this Eventbeep Indian Shark Tank.

Ashneer offered 30 lakhs for a 2% ownership stake, plus an extra 10 lakhs for secondary shares transferred straight to the pitcher’s account. Peyush offered 30 lakhs in exchange for 2% stock, whereas Aman offered 30 lakhs for 2% equity. Anupam and Namita, on the other hand, backed out of the contract. Ashneer recommended giving them credit. Aman Gupta, on the other hand, proposed focusing on community building. Peyush also proposed concentrating on technology. The pitchers agreed to a price of 40 lakhs against a 3% equity stake and urged the three sharks to join hands. The sharks requested that they reduce the price to 30 lakhs, and the deal completed at 30 lakhs for 3% equity by Aman, Peyush and Ashneer.

About EventBeep shark tank

Rakhi Paul, Saurabh Mangrokar and Venkatesh Prasad are the founders of this startup. It is a three-step application that assists students who attend institutes other than IITs or equivalent institutions.

STEP 1: Make the college of the particular students more engaging by digitising it. The app offers all necessary information, such as due dates for assignments, notes, and tests, and users earn coins for completing the tasks. These currencies can also be used to purchase items from the app.

STEP 2: Involve students in a community where they may engage with students from prestigious universities, collaborate on projects, and be connected to top mentors.

STEP 3: Experiential learning in the workplace and the field. Bring in businesses so that they can post internships and employment openings, thereby contributing to their growth.

EventBeep makes revenue like this:

  • Colleges should be held accountable for gamification and digitalization on campus. The app is a free module that will be paid for after a year or two.
  • Brands are charged for advertising and managing brand campaigns.
  • Incorporate Ed-Tech courses into your curriculum.
  • Ticketing for Events, Workshops, and Seminars.

They have generated total revenue of 65 lakhs in six months.

Problem solved by EventBeep

The main problem solved by Eventbeep is the connectivity among the students. This student community app allows the students to connect with each other at a very cheap price and they can exchange notes and other essential things. The app also provides updates about college seminars, curriculum, exhibitions, fests etc.

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