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The shark tank India startup Humpy A2 has raised INR 1 crore for the equity of 15% from Shark tank India. Shark tank India investors Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal & Ghazal Alagh invested in this organic products startup.

Namita Thappar left the pitch because the startup team wanted to establish their brand in the non-dairy market, but too much competition was there. Anupam Mittal also declined to invest since the dairy industry lacks pricing strength. You shouldn’t require money to expand your company. You’ll need to diversify your product line to raise money. Finally, Ghazal, Peyush, and Vineeta agreed to an Rs 1 crore transaction for a 15% equity stake.

About Humpy A2 shark tank India startup

Humpy A2 is a one-stop shop for all things authentic, native, and chemical-free, where they work with farmers to grow organic produce and then sell it to clients. You may be unsure what A2 is. This is the scientific name for a protein present in milk from Indian cows. Humpy A2 was founded by Vishal Chaudhari, Malvika Gaekwad, and Jaywant Patil. They are from Pune. They want to be family farmers for every household in India. A1 Protein is found in cow milk, which humans consume most of the time. You’ll be surprised to learn that A2 is also found in mother’s milk, which is why Humpy A2 Milk is the greatest for humans.

Humpy Milk is A2 Certified milk since all of their organic goods are certified, and their milk is tested on 120 parameters. All of their certificates are delivered to 4000 clients, who may check their validity regularly. All of their products are handcrafted using ancient methods and are very natural. On their farms, their cows consume nutritious grass and other things as they grow up. Cows are not given any growth hormones. Their surroundings are kept tidy. They sell milk in a glass container that costs about Rs. 267.

Problem solved by Humpy A2.

Humpy A2 does not add anything to the milk before providing it to the people, whether it is water or anything else. It doesn’t even provide the consumer milk in a plastic bottle; instead, it gives them milk in a glass bottle. A2 is a more nutritious protein present in milk than A1, which is also found in conventional cow’s milk. HumpyA2 is a dairy brand from India known for its natural and creative products. They make A2 paneer, ghee, curds, cheese, and other goods naturally and A2 milk.

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