HopinGo is a Mobile application owned by Themis and Nomos Online Services Pvt. Ltd., which operates and maintains the Application. It’s an organized on-demand two & four wheeler private vehicle sharing platform aimed primarily at reducing traffic congestion in peak hours. None of the vehicles operating would be commercial. Verified users can hitchhike with verified car/motorbike/scooter owners and share the fuel bills via cashless transactions through PayTM.

They are provide a ride sharing service wherein a Car/Bike owner can provide a ride to fellow passengers going in the same place and also earn money thereby reducing his fuel costs. This App enables each one of us save on fuel cost, reduced traffic congestion & less pollution. The idea is to allow passengers to “Book a Ride” or “Share a Ride” using mobile application. Unlike all other Taxi booking apps in market our target is to reduce the cost beared by the passengers. This app is designed to target the daily office-goers who commute daily using public & private vehicles especially Women.

Car owners can enroll as driver (who can share a ride) in the application. The ride seeker can submit a request for transportation from his current location to a manual location. The driver(s) on the same location or passing will get the request thereby proving an “on-demand” service. There is a special feature of this App that it provides “Lady to Lady Pool Option” feature wherein Lady Drivers can offer ride to lady passenger only & vice-versa. Payment of the ride made will be made through an online payment portal. The amount will be calculated by app itself once the ride is booked.


They always considered cars with single occupants a sheer wastage of resources that gives rise to many unpardonable issues like traffic jams, cluttered parking spaces, pollution, and long hours on the road which impacts one’s health. Their ultimate mission is maximum usage of available resources and filling those empty seats on the road.


They believe in the mantra of “World in one family”. With Rapid unplanned urbanization of major cities and exponential increasing in number of vehicles on road, our cities have been rendered as smoke chambers. They want to create an on sustainable model of demand ride sharing of private vehicles wherein people can travel among themselves as peers without the need of an excess vehicle on road. They are connecting the community of Carpools to minimise the need of taxi on our roads which now a days are major cause of pollution and traffic congestion.

Core Team Members:

Jyotirmay Kapil, Founder & Director Mechanical Engineering graduate from VTU and also completed post-graduation from BITS Pilani. Over 6 years of industrial experience in domains of process design & development, supply chain management and process improvement.

Devbrath Dev, Founding member Mechanical Engineering Graduate from VTU with 6 years experience in project management, process improvement and business development.

Mohammad Hammad, Founding Partner & COO Engineer by vocation and an environmental enthusiast by avocation. Graduated from VTU in 2014 and worked in domains of sustainable development, process design and business development for over 2 years.

Shah Faisal Mulk, Founding Partner & CMO Mechanical Engineer and an entrepreneur by heart & soul. Tried several ventures much before graduating and has been successfully operating a chain of restaurants.

Sumedh Prasad, Founding Partner, Industrial engineer with experience in Process excellence and Analytics.

Current Stats:

HopinGo is currently operational in Bangalore with active user base of 2000+ users growing day by day. They have traction of 20 to 25 rides daily on an average and improving every day. HopinGo can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Further they are working on iOS version also which will be launched later this year.

Download App from here: http://bit.ly/HopinGo

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