AMITECH’17, a much awaited techno-cultural extravaganza, is one of the most happening inter college fest of Delhi. It is all about celebrations. This year, we are going to witness AMITECH’17 in AMITY University Campus Noida and it is expected to be the best in the history.

From technical to fun events, AMITECH’17 has it all.

  • Are you a Dancer?
  • Are you a Painter?
  • Are you a Chef?
  • Are you an Artist?
  • Or a Programming Maniac?

Whoever you are, AMITECH’17 is just the place for you.

AMITECH’17 is bringing a steady stream of laughs to you people by organizing a grand event named Haste Raho, the stand-up comedy event. For happiness is everything, this event is bringing you an overdose of laughter.

  • Performers usually recite a series of humorous stories and interact directly with the audience.
  • Participants can perform individually or in a team of two or three.
  • Use of any abusive language won’t be tolerated.
  • Any discrimination based on any religion, caste, race etc is strictly prohibited.
  • Each team will be given time duration of three to six minutes to perform.
  • Judges will be taking the final decisions.

To enhance the act, participants are free to use props of their interest or any costume which they feel is necessary. They can also act or mimic to make their performance lively.

Registering for this event is quite simple, Visit: https://goo.gl/forms/zrUtY54IE8KIi57v1 & Fill the details.

This year Haste Raho, Stand-up Comedy Event will bring you medically certified COMEDY, guaranteed to get your heart rates up and your stress levels down!

Official Facebook Page of AMITECH’17

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Cook without Fire at AMITECH’17, AMITY University

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