Gladful has raised INR 50 lakhs from shark tank season 2. Amit, Aman and Namita invested in this stratup. Owners made an ask for 50 lakhs rupees for 2% equity in the company. And the deal was done with Amit, Aman and Namita for 50 lakhs in exchange for 3.5% equity in the company.

Namita and Aman offered 50 lakhs for 10% equity. Then Anupam offered 50 lakhs for 3.84% equity in the company. Amit offered 50 lakhs for 3.5% equity. Later, Namita and Aman’s counter offer was 50 lakhs again for 4% equity. And pitchers wanted Namita and Aman to join Amit’s deal.

Also Read Pharmallama has raised INR 2 crores from shark tank season 2. All five sharks, Piyush, Aman, Namita, Amit and Aman, invested in this startup.

About The Gladful

The founder of the company is Manu Sharma and Parul Sharma. They are from Jaipur. Parul Sharma has an economics degree and has done MBA. She has worked with Cadbury for 10 years as a marketing executive and later became Cadbury dairy milk’s senior brand manager. Manu Sharma is a chartered accountant, and before, he audited several files of CarDekho.com.

In a hurry, we give our children unhealthy junk food when they go to school. Making healthy and quick food for their tiffin in the morning has been a challenge. So, in order to solve this problem, Gladful started. Gladful is a brand that makes protein cookies, protein breakfast mixes, dessert bites and more. Its products contain high protein-rich foods without preservatives, artificial colours, high fibre, or cholesterol. As we know, the maximum number of people suffer from protein deficiency. Gladful brings products which can meet this deficiency. They have sold around 60000 units in 9 months after being launched. They are available on marketplaces like Amazon, First Cry, etc., and have a website. They came with the vision to make every child protein sufficient with Gladful—the average price of 10 pc. Pack is 150 rupees.

 Their sales split is like 90%. They get 20% from their website, 45% from Amazon,10% offline, and 25% from other marketplaces.

Gladful Business Statistics

Their lifetime sales are 1 crore rupees. Last month’s net sales were 20 lakhs rupees. This month the projected sales are 24 lakhs. They are burning cash because COGS is 50% and the gross margin is 50%. In the gross margin, Logistics and Trade margin is 25%, and 25% is performance marketing. So they are not making any profit. They have raised 2 crores at a pre-money valuation of 11 crores in 2021. In September 2022, they sold 20 lakhs rupees and burnt 8 lakhs rupees.

What Problem Gladful Solve?

According to the National Institute of Nutrition, more than 80% of Indians and 73% of urban rich, including kids, were deficient in protein. So, Gladful brings the products which can meet this deficiency. Their products are FSSAI certified and have Hi – Fiber, Hi-Protein, No Maida, No Trans Fats, and No Cholesterol. These products have no preservatives and have been tested thoroughly to ensure no crop or metal contaminants. Also, these snacks are made with unrefined cane sugar.


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Pharmallama has raised INR 2 crores from Shark Tank India 2.0

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