Digital India campaign to empower the growth of the various sectors of India through Digitalization is recently launched by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narender Modi. Under this initiative, there are various different aims that have been set up by the Government of India and one of them is setting up the Education system through the Digital medium Program. Providing Education to the Youth of India through Digital form is definitely a brilliant idea and TabSchool is exactly doing the same thing which is required. This revolutionary idea to provide Education to the students through the use of E-books, Tablets, and Smartphones is an excellent idea that focuses more on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of learning.

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What are the benefits of Digital Learning?

There is an unlimited number of benefits that the digital learning method will offer to both Teachers and Students. Learning various different concepts of Education through the Digital medium is pretty much effective and easy as well. Students can take their tablets or smartphones anywhere they want and can learn whenever they want. In the world of digitalization, this initiative of Digital India is producing impressive results and that’s why TabSchool is helping different schools in accomplishing this task.

What is the role of TabSchool in this initiative?

With this perspective of digitalization, TabSchool has launched an initiative to make 100 different schools and its classrooms digitalized by funding them. The presence of digital gadgets for learning and teaching will help both teachers and students to increase their learning efficiency. Any School can come and sign the paid partnership program with TabSchool on the first-come-first-serve basis. The quality of education will surely get enhanced and another very important thing is that the expense to implement this Education system is also very affordable. The TabSchool and Digital Education program have decided to fund 40% of the expenses once after meeting the set criteria. Each and every school must have an active internet connection inside the School campus. There will be a regular inspection of the schools by the representatives of both TabSchool and Digital Education Program to make sure that everything will go according to the plans.

All-in-one Bundle for INR10000 by TabSchool

The TabSchool will provide you 100PC’s tablets of size 7” with 1-Year Brand Warranty. All the tablets provided by TabSchool will run on Learning Management Solution (LMS) software. This software will only provide Education video Content and eBooks. Both Students or Teachers can take a 30-Day training program in this software to understand the working of the tablet. Moreover, tablets provided by TabSchool come with 1-Year full support which is pretty much impressive feature. The parental control feature is also present in the tablets provided by TabSchool with which parents can block every unwanted app or website they want. Overall, the tablets provided by TabSchool will definitely help the students to learn all their concepts in an effective manner as compared to our traditional method of teaching.

If you want to get funded by TabSchool under Digital India initiative, then apply according to these dates:

  • The Last Date to apply is 20th December 2019.
  • You will have to pay a refundable fee of INR60000.
  • In case your school is not selected under our initiative, then you will get your fee refunded.
  • The TabSchool will shortlist the selected schools within 5-Days and will release the list for the same by 25th
  • TabSchool will also provide a list of the documents which are required at the time of registration.
  • The Deadline to pay 55% payment to TabSchool is by 10th
  • The Second Deadline to pay 15% of the payment is by 1st February 2020.
  • The Last Deadline to pay 30% of the payment is by 2nd March 2020.
  • The TabSchool will deliver the first 100 PC’s of Tablets by 15th-20th February 2020.
  • And the final date of release of funds to school is by 1st July 2020.

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Please note these dates and strictly apply before 20th December 2019. TabSchool is one of the premium companies that is funding different schools for Digitalizing the Education System in India for the past many years and we are pretty much sure that TabSchool will also fund your school as well.

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