Dhruv Vidyut has raised 100 hours in exchange for 0.5% equity from shark tank season 2. Aman, Peyush and Anupam finalized the deal. The owner asks for 100 hours in exchange for 0.5% equity in the company.

At first, Anupam offered 100 hours for 0.5% equity with a condition that Dhruv Electric would raise 1 crore rupees. Then Piyush said that he would provide a 1.5 lakhs square feet area in his Bewari factory where Dhruv electric would be able to work with several teams, and when the product is ready for launching in the market after 1 or 1.5 years, along with Aman will be the first investor in this company.

And the deal was finalized with Aman, Piyush and Anupam for 100 hours in exchange for 0.5% equity in the company with the same conditions that Dhruv Electric would raise 1 crore rupees. And in the Lenskart Bewari factory, Dhruv electric will work with several teams. When the product is ready for launching in the market after 1 or 1.5 years, Piysuh, along with Aman, will be the first investor in this company.

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About Dhruv Vidyut

The founder Dhruv Vidyut is Gursaurabh Singh, and he is from Haryana. He has worked with manufacturing industries before. His expertise is in dye and mould making. For 16 years, he has been in the aluminium sheet-making industry. He has no specific technical degree but a strong interest in the motor industry. He has also worked hard on this electrical invention.

After his invention, Aman, Anupam, and Piyush commented on his post on LinkedIn. Gursaurabh apologised for not getting back to them because, after his invention, many messages were overflowing on his social media handles. To keep himself on track, he took a rest from social media and focused on his invention.

Cycles used to be a medium of communication for a long time back then. But with the evolution of technology cycle has remained backdated. To convert normal bicycles into automatic bicycles, DVECK was invented (Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit). It is a kit that is easy to handle and can be fitted with any retro bicycle in just 20 minutes with bolt features. This device is also Wifi enabled to keep track of location, speed, distance etc. It has a unique USP That it can be charged with pedalling. In just 20 minutes of pedalling, it can be charged upto 50%. This kit is dustproof, fireproof, and waterproof too. Because it is made from aircraft-grade aluminium metal, anything that happens inside the kit it will not harm the rider in any way. 

Dhruv Vidyut Statistics:

The manufacturing cost of the kit is 9000 rupees. It is also 45% more efficient than any other motors in the market. Its top speed is 25 km/hr with a range of 40 km for a full charge.

Dhruv Vidyut’s product is still in the prototype stage. He is going to launch in April. He needs a check on the kilometre in rural areas.

What Problem Does Dhruv Vidyut Solve?

The kit has been created to transform the lives of 58% of commuters in our nation that use the single-bar bicycle in their routine. The kit is compatible with 8 crore cycles and rickshaws currently in use in the country and features a top speed of 25 KPH, a payload capacity of 170 KG, a range of 40 KMS, and is fire and waterproof. 

Kit is a complete bolt-on part; no welding, cutting or modifications are required for it to fit. Also made of aircraft-grade aluminium and is lightweight and rustproof. It comes equipped with a Phone charger, a USB port, and a port for charging the kit. It can be charged up to 50% with just 20 mins of pedalling.

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