This is what we really want to know how to color hair without any chemical .sometimes need to color to hide gray color or sometimes for a style; you don’t want to sacrifice your hair quality in this process.
But how, Maybe this is the answer “Go Natural” using some natural homemade ideas you will get the Exact result which exactly you want. Let’s take a quick look.

Brown and Dark Color

You can set it up with 3 some dark tea or coffee and mix it with a solid part. Pour the fluid after it chills off to encompassing temperature and wrap your head with a shower top. Wash away after thirty minutes and rehash the cure twice consistently to give it a coveted rich dark colored or practically dark shade.

Brown-Reddish Color

Hena is a home grown hair color that feeds your hair and gives a temples ruddy shade to your hair. Include 3 tsp of basic oil and even eggs to make henna blend. Beat the blend well to shape a sloppy and thick glue and apply it on your hair. Leave the glue on your hair for whatever length of time that conceivable and afterward clean up.

Red Color

Bubble some rose hips or 3 packs of Hibiscus tea in some water. Knead this Mixture on your hair after it chills off. This regular home cure works the best when you apply 2-3 times each week

Brilliant sparkle on Dim Blonde

Rhubarb root is exceptionally intense regular home cure that helps you to reestablish the brilliant sparkle of dim blonde hair strands. Bubble 3 tbsp. of rhubarb root in some water. Sim the blend for 15 minutes and let it cool for the entire night. Pour the fluid over your hair the following day.

Natural Color

Blend one and a half measures of new yogurt with the 3/fourth measure of nectar on your sodden hair. Rub this regular hair color on your hair. Wrap you are utilizing a shower top or saran wrap. Wash it following 8 hours to color your hair normally.

Dull Brown Shading

Blend some crisply separated lemon juice with some strong chamomile tea and dunk your hair in the blend. Expose your hair to the sun and let it dry. This blend gives a dull dark-colored shade to your hair. Rehash the Remedy 2-3 times each week to get positive outcomes.

Rosy Tints:

Blend a large portion of some beet juice with a large portion of some carrot squeeze and back rub on your hair. Wash it. Following an hour and rehash the cure week by week twice to get a normally rosy tint on your hair.

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