Standing 829.8m high above the ground, this amazing monument always remains one of the top talks of the town. It was the year 2009 when Burj Khalifa Dubai surpassed Taipei 101 and became the tallest building in the world.

Planing a Visit to Burj Khalifa? Click here to know more:The Burj Khalifa Dubai UAE is indeed the tallest building in the world and a recognized landmark. The structure, which is a true technical marvel, embodies the conceptual essence and spirit of Dubai. This majestic building, which stands 828 meters tall beside the Dubai Mall, has attracted tourists from around the world since it opened in 2010.

Burj Khalifa Dubai UAE holds the record for containing the highest number of stories in the world. Not only this, Burj Khalifa Dubai has an elevator that covers the longest distance and also holds the record of one of the tallest elevators in the world.

And thus, the world-famous Burj Khalifa is termed the Biggest building in the world.

Tickets And Other Offers

Talking about Burj Khalifa ticket, these tickets are designed to offer several services. Burj Khalifa ticket offers include – a Sky View ticket combo, a full-day tour combo, Burj Khalifa at the top Dubai Combo Aquarium, and many others.

Depending upon your desire, you can avail of these tickets which are easily available online.

Multiple platforms will help you book these tickets and make your dream come true of visiting this amazing place.

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So, if you are dreaming of beholding one of the most majestic architecture of the world, Burj Khalifa is your place to visit. Follow Travelnag for more exotic places. 

TravelNags provides you with dreamy insights of your dream destinations. Get the best explorations through them and discover the wanderlust. Happy Exploring, Cheers!


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[…] Click here for next:Standing 829.8m high above the ground, this amazing monument always remains one of the top talks of … […]

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