Startup AAS Vidyalaya has raised INR 1.5 crore with an equity of 15% from Shark Tank India. Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar and Ashneer Grover jointly invested in it.

The original ask by the pitchers was 1.5 crores for the equity of 3%. Peyush, Namita, and Ashneer have made a joint counter offer of Rs.1.5 crore in exchange for a 15% stake in the company. Pitchers ask for 7.5 percent equity in exchange for 1.5 million rupees. Pitchers increased the stake to 10% for 1.5 crores, but Namita Thapar stated that the arrangement was non-negotiable.

About AAS Vidyalaya

Vikas kakwan and Leena Kakwani are the founders of this startup. Our country has 8 lakh elementary schools, 4 lakh middle schools, and 1.5 lakh secondary schools, with an average attendance of around 50%. On average, 30 students out of 100 passes the tenth-grade examination. As a result, AAS Vidyalaya, the anytime, anywhere school, was established. The technology-enabled venture aspires to reach kids in every corner of the country and deliver education to every student. Their app contains all of a school’s curriculum, allowing students to attend classes, take tests, receive report cards, and communicate with their parents. This application is also used to hold teacher meetings. They follow the National Curriculum for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). They have their own AAS Vidyalaya cyber cafe where only their classes are held, keeping in mind that not everyone can afford a smartphone and internet connection. In recent years, they have embraced Marathi as a medium of instruction, but only for grades 6 through 10. Their target market is middle-class families that lack the essential educational resources.

Sales and profit – The company is valued at 50 crores. The revenue model is divided into two categories:

  • They operate on a business-to-consumer (B2C) model.
  • They are in touch with businesses that have set up shops in isolated villages or small towns.

These businesses contribute funds to help the AAS Vidyalaya café get started on their campuses. They’ve put in roughly 1.5 crores of rupees. The stock has been divided into three divisions: 7% belongs to the Nidhi programme, 70% belongs to Vikas and other directors, and 23% belongs to other friends. They made a revenue of 70 lakhs in the previous fiscal year of 20-21. The current income is around 1.50 crore, with approximately five crores forecast revenue.

Problem Solved By AAS Vidyalaya

This platform is accessible to everyone; even children from rural and remote areas can access it. This platform is designed for underprivileged children who cannot get primary education.

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