A Little Extra

A Little Extra has raised ₹60 lakh for 7.5% equity from Shark Tank India Season 3. Anupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh invested in this startup. Pitcher made an ask of ₹48 lakh for 6% equity.

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About the A Little Extra:

The Founder Diksha Singhi has described her business in very unique words in her business pitch. She said, “My extra size, my extra personality is my X factor. With my X Factor, I started A Little Extra!”

In A Little Extra -Quirky Jewelery Brand, business pitcher Deeksha presented a conversation about accounting and business in her Marwari family in an atmosphere of great humour and fun. They sell accessories like earrings, maang tikkas, key chains, necklaces, belts etc.

About the Founders:

The Founder of the business is Diksha Singhi. She has studied Journalism and Mass Communication from Delhi University. Before A Little Extra, he led The Creative Key. She has also worked as a Content Writer.

A Little Extra Business Statistics:

A Little Extra business was started in 2020 with just ₹ 5 thousand rupees. So far, it has earned ₹1 crore 6 lakh. More than 80 thousand products of more than 500 designs have been sold in A Little Extra business. 90% of their products are handmade and that is their primary business specialty. 75% are A Little Extra Designs and 25% are collected from other places.

The average selling price of the products is ₹450. The prices of all their products range from 4X to 5X. Instagram followers remain around 199K. About 60% of sales are from fabric jewellery. The time taken from design to production is 45 Days.

In the unit economics of “A Little Extra,” various costs are allocated, including the cost of goods sold (COGS) at 25%, packaging at 4.5%, and miscellaneous expenses such as rent, overheads, electricity, and maintenance at 14%. Additionally, advertising expenditure accounts for 6%, salaries for employees make up 15%, and commissions for Shopify and Razorpay amount to 3.5%. Shipping costs are estimated at 7%, leaving a profit-before-tax margin of 25%. Notably, the repeat rate among customers falls between 17% to 18%.

The business has experienced notable growth in sales over the fiscal years, starting at ₹17 lahks in FY 20-21 and increasing to ₹47 lakh in FY 21-22. Subsequently, sales surged to ₹1.22 crore in FY 22-23, with a net margin of 11%. The projected sales for FY 23-24 are expected to reach ₹2 crore, accompanied by a net margin of 25%. Currently, the entire business is solely owned by the founder, with no external investors involved.

The Business Vision of A Little Extra:

The aim of A Little Extra is to provide unique and rare handmade jewellery to the people.

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[…] Also Read: A Little Extra Has Raised ₹60 Lakh From Shark Tank India S3 […]

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