The act of job interviewing is amazing. You are the actor and you are aware of the rules. You are doing your best to persuade the interviewer that you are the best candidate. The interviewer is the audience who has many options and is an independent think who requires proof prior to purchasing everything you wish to sell.

The winner in this competition is the person who has nice answers but on the negative side does not make mistakes.

Concern of the Interviewer

The interviewer’s concern is if you can adjust to the culture of the company. The decision is subjective. The candidates have to make an attempt to find out regarding the culture of the company by interacting with present and previous employees and then exhibit the traits for a nice fit into the culture.

Image produced is Important

The other aspects that are on the mind of the interviewer are the image you produce. A candidate shows a lot of passion and knowledge regarding the company which is attractive.

More means to create an Impression

The more means to provide a positive impression is through attire, general appearance, and a natural smile. Irrespective of the geographic location, language or culture. A smile means the similar aspect all over the world.

Negative aspects in an Interview

Having less confidence is an interview killer. In case you are not certain of yourself or you do not have specific examples, the interviewer will not be impressed. Your body language will show the truth and both parties are thinking the same thing without talking about it.

Process of Decision making is Subjective

The question arises what is the holy grail of the interview process? The answer depends on a huge portion of the decision-making process is subjective and goes to the consciousness of the interviewer, previous experiences, and individual culture.

Building self-confidence is Pivotal

The most vital aspects are a great deal of preparation through mock interviewing and building self-confidence. Some aspects are gauche and have to be avoided for instance being late, dressing in an improper manner, chewing gum or ringing of the cellphone in midst of the interview. These aspects can sometimes be harmful.

Preparation through mock Interviews

There are other means a candidate will not be able to impress the interviewer, for instance, voicing powerful opinions, caught lying, pointing where the interview is not correct regarding something or making the interviewer feel nasty about anything. Most vital factors are extensive preparation through mock interviewing and building the self-confidence. Those are evident to an interviewer.

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