While trying to arrange the temple tourism industry in the nation, 3 individuals from Tamil Nadu are coming out with an organization to plan pilgrimage packages, temple pujas, homams, and other similar services. The organization, an online platform. is already propelled from Coimbatore. Ajay V, Aathmika AM and Aathavan K R N from Thanjavur launched 27mantraa.com, a site designed to help both residents and NRIs arrange journeys. “They were in the matter of arranging Visits for educational institutions and corporate houses. Throughout the previous four years they have been arranging temple tours and awesome divine services,” said Ajay who is the Founder/CEO of 27mantraa.com. Ajay and Aathmika said that while there are a few organizations who offer packages to tourists, pilgrimage industry is an unorganized sector. “There are seasonal packages avail packages of IRCTC and other travel entryways. However, a 24×7, 365-day stage platform dedicated to temple tours and divine services is a space that has been untapped,” said Ajay. There are two online portals epuja and onlineprasad which offer temple puja services and prasad delivery individually. The organization has discovered two investors from Coimbatore in a startup summit sorted out by Young Indian(Yi), a part of Confederation of Indian Industries(CII) and is directly settling the terms with them.

The organization will at first give benefits in Tamilnadu and Kerala as it were. Following six months, it may grow its operations in PAN India. There are around 30,000 sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu. “Thay have tied up with 2,500 of them, of which 1,200 are 1000 years of age. A review of these temples will be on our site,” said Aathmika AM, the Co-Founder of the organization. The company will not organize Pujas or homams at home, she clarified.

Besides these divine ser-vices, 27mantra will likewise are going travel and accommodation for its clients. Clients can go by bus, taxi, train and flight. We have tied up with Omni transport Ventures and taxi services and for rail travel, they have tied up with IRCTC. We are in converses with flight operators for tie-ups. For accommodation, the company has tied up with 750 Hotels and Temple Dharamshala’s. The organization will likewise hope to tie-up with state tourism divisions while partnering with private service providers.

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