YouTube is a social networking site where people are able to post free content in terms of videos or popularly known as vlogs. It is a free space wherein anyone having access to the internet could upload videos for public viewing. Many people prefer viewing the content in the live format rather than reading long pages which you get when you search the internet on google. It is very obsessive to view content over YouTube and people tend to spend hours while they start watching it.

It has impacted our lifestyle in many various ways since it provides access to varied content and topics with inputs from almost all people across the world. People share their personal opinions openly on varied topics. It also stands as an advertisement platform where people generally share their views and knowledge about the products and build up their fan following and thus and then recommend to use certain products for which they earn a good amount for endorsing those products.

YouTube provides you access to the global arena in case you want to know what is latest in the following area inyoutube-impacting-our-daily-lives another part of the globe, it’s no more west is ahead of east or east is more mature than west. You will be able to know about the latest technologies from the west for the particular project to latest aroma or massage therapy from the east.

These days YouTube plays an important role as a media to form views of a person about anything or any person, for example when deciding whom to vote for Trump and Obama, you can view various views on YouTube and form your opinion. You may express yourself on a decision that your government has taken openly on these media platforms. A research shows that about 21% of daily uploaded content on YouTube is about politics as it forms a common platform for discussion and debates.

It acts as a direct contact between the viewers and celebrities, unlike television or newspaper where interaction is limited. These days’ celebrities have dedicated channels where they come and answer their viewers almost on daily basis. They also use this platform to advertise their latest. You also get a chance to look more into their personal lives and their likes and dislikes.

YouTube have also emerged as a learning platform where various people post tutorials and learning the material on various topics available freely for access to students. It is no more just for people who have contacts in respective fields. Now information is available widely and openly. You can ask your queries and submit your projects for public viewing and have recommendations from several people openly and learn from across the world.

YouTube like other media earns its revenue from advertising, but they have revenue sharing model. They evaluate your videos based on a number of time people are spending to view your channel and when it embarks their thresholds they pay you for it. They have different revenue models for popular contents posted on their website and believe me people are earning fortunes over it.

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