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Sofia Roy here again comes with a Blog “Words we can use instead of Very“. My Today’s Blog will help English Learners & Native Speakers too. 🙂

As we all know, “Very” is intensifier in the English Language. Intensifiers are adverbs or adverbial phrases that strengthen the meaning of other expressions and show emphasis.

Have a look on few Words now :

  • very noisy – deafening
  • very often – frequently
  • very old – ancient
  • very old-fashioned – archaic
  • very open – transparent
  • very painful – excruciating
  • very pale – ashen
  • very perfect – flawless
  • very poor – destitute
  • very powerful – compelling
  • very pretty – beautiful
  • very quick – rapid
  • very quiet – hushed
  • very rainy – pouring
  • very rich – wealthy
  • very sad – sorrowful
  • very scared – petrified
  • very scary – chilling
  • very serious – grave
  • very sharp – keen
  • very shiny – gleaming
  • very short – brief
  • very shy – timid
  • very simple – basic

That’s all about Today.. Stay tuned with WEXT.in Community for more Interesting Blogs.

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