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The shark tank India startup Tweek Labs has raised INR 60 lakhs for the equity of 10% from Shark tank India. Shark tank India investor Anupam Mittal, Ashneer Grover and Peyush Bansal invested in this smart wearable startup.

Because the fact that the company is still in its infancy, Namita Thappar decided to walk away from the purchase because she thought the price was excessive. Aman Gupta believed that the startup’s business model would stay restricted after a given amount of time since most professional bowlers will utilize it. They’ll go after they’ve achieved the status of “perfect bowler.” As a result, Aman opted out from consideration. For an ownership stake in the firm, Ashneer and Peyush offered 40 lakhs. They offered 40 lakhs for 7 percent of the company’s stock, which Anupam accepted. They then changed their minds and got together to propose the transaction for 40 lakhs for 12 percent of the company’s ownership. An offer of 60 lakhs for 6 percent stock was made by the owners. They made a counter-offer of 60 lakhs rupees for 8% of the stock. Finally, for a value of Rs 6 crores, the sale was struck at INR 60 lakhs for 10% equity.

About Tweek Labs shark tank India startup

Anant Sharma is the author of this paper. Students Ayush Kushwaha, Shwetank Shrey, and Aman Parnami have formed Tweek Labs, a company that aims to help students learn how to code. There is a smart wearable that can track an athlete’s movements in 3D, allowing us to examine their performance in great detail. When we use their mobile app, we can see the information we gleaned from the wearable right away.

This device has a total of 12 sensors that are placed on or near the body. For calibration, the player must stand in the T Pose, after which every motion will be collected in 3D. It’s now possible for a player to watch his actions on the App as he or she balls. KPI-Key Performance Indicators are provided on their app, which is essential for every player to use.

Problem solved by Tweek Labs.

As a sports technology firm, Tweek Labs has the goal of bringing high-performance sport infrastructure and information to every neighborhood. Sporting goods manufacturers believe in the scientific approach to sports teaching, and they seek to design items that make these approaches more accessible so that every aspiring athlete has an equal opportunity to grow. As a result, they provide sportswear with motion analysis technology, allowing athletes to have a better understanding of their own performance. Fast Bowling Workshops are offered by Tweek Labs on a regular basis, so if you’ve always wanted to improve your bowling technique, you may sign up for one. Attendees will learn from the best bowling instructors in the business, who will also provide drills and routines that will help them improve their game.

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