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Tramboo Sports Has Raised ₹30 lakh for 4% equity from Shark Tank India Season 3. Aman and Peyush invested in this startup. The pitchers asked for ₹30 lakh for 3% equity.

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At first, Vineeta offered 30 lakhs for 10% equity. And Anupam said I’ll join Vineeta in this offer. Aman offered 30 lakhs for 6% equity individually. Peyush offered 30 lakhs for 3%. Ritesh offered 30 lakhs for 4% equity. Then he revised it for 30 lakhs for 3% equity. Then Aman and Peyush together offered 30 lakhs for 4% equity. And the deal was done with Aman and peyush.


About Tramboo Sports:


The founders of the company are Hamaad Tramboo and Saad Tramboo. They are from Kashmir. Hamaad Tramboo is 18 years old and studying BBA in Kashmir. Business Pitcher Saad Tramboo who came with him is 20 years old and is studying for a second year BBA from Bangalore. They play cricket, so they know the price point of English bats is very high. 


Tramboo Sports sells world-class Kashmir willow bats. Kashmir willow wood is found only in Kashmir. According to the Kashmir Willow Act, Willow Wood Raw Material of Kashmir cannot go out of Kashmir. They produce both Leather Ball (Season Bat) and Tennis Ball Bats.


Tramboo Sports Business is the Grandfather’s Joinery Mills of Pitchers. This mill has been prepared for bat manufacturing. From the beginning they select the Kashmir Willow Wood Log, then this Kashmir Willow Wood is graded, and later it is cut, which is called Clefts.


Now it is stored in the Seasoning Chamber for 1 year to 18 months. But Tramboo Sports has developed a technique that allows these people to do seasoning in a week and the results are better than the traditional method.


Tramboo Sports Business Statistics:


Tramboo Sports Business was started in 2021. Tramboo Sports has sold approximately 20 thousand bats through social media and its own website and now they have also started exports. It is also going to be launched soon on the online marketplace.


Their September sales were ₹18 Lakh. Monthly Profit is ₹5 lakh to ₹6 lakh (Final Profit after taking out all expenses). They have sold 30 lakh Kashmir Willow Bats in FY 22 -23. Projected Sales for FY 23 -24 are ₹6 Crore to ₹7 Crore and exported 1000 bats in Qatar last month. They also sell 1000 bats per month online.


Tramboo Sports primarily generates its sales through Instagram, constituting 70% of its sales split. The profit margins vary across different product categories, with tennis bats yielding a margin of 25%, while seasonal bats range between 35% to 45%.


What Problem Do They Solve?


Tramboo Sports Business Vision is to introduce Kashmir Willow Bats with its qualities as compared to English Willow Kits. Tramboo is better than the seasoning method of sports business because, in the traditional method, they are piled and left to dry for months. 


Company has Steam Based Seasoning Plants. Bats are hard pressed, which increases bat stroke and becomes durable. Tramboo Sports Bat uses a Singapore Cane handle – it absorbs shock. There will be 300 bat manufacturers in Kashmir but no one has Steam Based Seasoning Plants, due to which the bat becomes lightweight.


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