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The State Plate has also appeared in the Shark Tank India. The mist startup based in Bangalore, Karnataka, and India has come to Shark Tank India to get enough funding; even its founder has asked for around ₹65 lakh in exchange for 2% of equity. Now it’s time to know more about the funding they get in The State Plate Shark Tank India and what Sharks give the advice.

The State Plate founder started this company with ₹5000 capital amount. Muskaan and Raghav had a plan to do Big Corporate Setups and MBA courses after completing college, but later, they altered their plans. This startup, Good Memories Pvt. Ltd. Going with the legal name.

As mentioned above, the founder asked for ₹65 lakhs in Shark Tank India for 2% equity in his company. And Shark told them a lot about this startup which was also helpful for them. Shark has also discovered many loopholes in this startup, which can stop this business from growing.

About The State Plate Shark Tank India

The State Plate, as we said above mentioned that it is a startup based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, which delivers hometown snacks, sweets and bakery, staples and spices, chutneys and pickles, and drinks from home to home. This platform directly delivers all these products of its local area to its customers. The user also can get all the snacks from their nearest area even at an excellent and affordable price.

The founder of this Indian food startup, The State Plate, is Muskaan Sancheti and Raghav Jhawar; they both worked together and have done this business. Muskan is from Bangalore, Raghav is from Kolkata, and Muskan had discussed this idea with Raghav. After that, Raghav liked it. They did this startup together. They worked so hard together and made this startup successful.

Problem Solved by State Plate

This platform for a startup is unique compared to others because they deliver the products of snacks type to the user from home to home in person. Due to this pandemic, people used to make an order while staying at home, and due to this, the demand for this startup has also increased even a lot; many people have ordered through this website. People can easily order from this company to get quality products on time.

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