Despite your organization’s size or the business you work in, you can’t get around the way that a strong communication and coordination platform is required. Many organizations use project management interface to complement basic messaging and calling apps (Skype obviously the most popular). However, an alternative called Slack has figured out how to triple its client base with past years, achieving a great 2.7 million Daily Active Users(DAU) basically at the speed of light. Surely there must be some unmistakable focal points that are starting such a quick development rate? In case you’re thinking about how Slack is superior to Skype, or the other way around, here’s a brief comparison of the Skype & Slack:

Skype VS Slack

Cost & Functionality:

In terms of cost, Skype is difficult to beat, being that it is constantly allowed to use as an informing application and charges for voice calling credits. Slack additionally has a free form, however, it has a few limitations feature-wise, while the free form of Skype is completely practical other than not having the capacity to make calls. All things considered, Slack can do significantly more than Skype by and large, which is probably why around 800,000 of its clients have selected the paid version. As far as simplicity and expectation to learn and adapt, the vast majority are most familiar with Skype’s interface.

Compatibility and Integration:

Slack wins in this division pass on, with the capacity to permit another software’s to post messages to its interface. You can even make custom integration to link the software with any program you’d like. In terms of bringing everything under one rooftop, Slack takes the cake, as it even coordinates with Skype and Google Hangouts for voice calling usefulness. Obviously, this year Slack included implicit voice talk and video calls, so you no longer need Skype reconciliation to make voice calls.

Interface and Features:

Doubtlessly that Slack has a bigger list of features than Skype – another reason behind why it is currently being compared with such an established app. The primary concern is, you can do more with Slack than you can do with Skype, as the last is purely a chat/calling application, while Slack is complete communication, storage, and coordination solution that integrates with the major services like Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub, Trello and that’s just the beginning.


At last, everything relies on upon what you’re searching for and how much your business needs to work effectively. In case you’re recently looking for an essential messaging and calling app and have no requirement for extra functionality beyond that, you can simply begin with Skype as a preparatory answer for your business, and afterward as your needs extend attempt a more comprehensive, overall approach with Slack. Luckily, making the move from Skype to Slack is regularly simply on account of streamlined joining that fundamentally gives you a chance to utilize Skype highlights inside Slack. Which one do you incline toward?

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