Electric bikes are advancing fast towards becoming mainstream, and the long-pending bet on electric cars & bikes is finally looking like it might end up becoming a reality. Shark Tank India startup also underlined one such E.V. Startup.
Nasik based Revamp Moto which successfully raised INR 1 crore for 1.5 percent equity of the company bringing in a lot of intriguing debates amongst the Sharks.

The founders demanded a raise of INR 1 crore for 1 percent of the equity. The final deal of shark tank India entrepreneur Revamp Moto’ electric bikes were made with Shark Anupam Mittal, Founder & CEO of a people group, Aman Gupta Co-Founder of Boat, for 1.5 percent equity.

However, Shark Ashneer, Co-founder Bharat Pe too, offered a stake of one crore for 1.25 percent equity. The ‘Revamp Motto’ modular electric bike accentuated the argument between the sharks & the duo sharks Anupam Mittal & Aman Gupta defeated this venture in Shark Tank India Sony T.V.

About The Revamp Moto

The company had founded by Jayesh Sahebrao Tope, Pritesh Prakash Mahajan and Pushparaj Narendra Salunke. The company offers two models ‘RM MITRA & R.M. 25’.

Their E.V. product aims to provide affordable and environmentally-friendly electric bikes with battery swapping offering various adjustments to attend to the delivery & selling needs of small vendors and giant eCommerce companies.

The company also received multiple orders from the market before appearing on the show Shark Tank India.

Problem Solved By Revamp Moto

The Shark Tank India startup Revamp Moto highlighted the utility issue of small vendors and delivery helpers. It has facilitated variable attachments to the electric bike, including panniers, side rack, delivery basket, modular shop, food box, folding table, front rack providing customizable attachment options that can establish new frontiers in the Home delivery system in the Indian market.

We wish ‘Revamp Moto’ to bring significant solutions to the delivery issues of the Indian FMCG Market.

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