Early Life:

Megha Aggarwal was born and brought up in a family where it was easy for her to get educated and be an independent working woman! She understood for the fact that this wasn’t easy for girls and women from Indian small town or village. She felt that working opportunities must be depending on hard work. She resigned her banking job to work for the idea to teach professional skills.


  • She was a B.A graduate from St.Stephen’s from 1999-2002.
  • Later from 2002-2004 she was 2nd B.A economics and management graduate from University of Oxford.
  • She did M.Sc finance and economics at London school of economics and political science from 2004-2005.
  • She was Investment Banking Analyst and associate at Morgan Stanley from 2005-2009.
  • Now CEO and Founder of LEAP Skills Academy Private Limited from 2013.

Achievements and Abilities:

She is a skill development specialist and has been associated with several international and domestic organizations like:-

  • The University of Pennsylvania.
  • Asian Development Bank.
  • The Planning Commission.
  • The Azim Premji Foundation.
  • The Wadhwani Foundation

She was awarded Social Science Chevening Scholarship by the UK government to study for a Masters degree at the LSE.

What makes Leap Skills Academy a better place to work?

LEAP (Learning, Employability and Progress) is a skill development organization headquartered in New Delhi which believes in providing students with skills that employers require in order to hire them i.e. LEAP aims to bridge the gap between the skills that students have and those that are required to make them employable. LEAP will focus on providing both life-long skills as well as sector specific skills to students allowing them to create careers of their own choice. With a young and dynamic team, LEAP is focused on creating an organization of the highest quality – it is going to use cutting edge technology and innovative learning methods to deliver high quality course contents.

LEAP Skills Academy Presence in the Indian Market:

LEAP Skills Academy is a skill development organization headquartered in New Delhi.

To work with motivated students in non-Tier 1 cities and help them achieve their career aspirations by creating a high-quality large-scale solution with a sustainable cost structure.

Focus on students enrolled in post secondary formal education. They believe that motivated students should work in jobs that are deeply connected with their dreams and aspirations. Given the lack of mindfulness around potential profession pathways in India, LEAP work intimately with industry and managers to give industry applicable aptitudes to understudies and furthermore satisfy the requirements of industry by interfacing these gifted specialists to bosses.

With a young and dynamic team, they focused on creating an organization of the highest quality. They utilize inventive and intelligent learning techniques to convey superb course content and have a solid responsibility regarding perfection, inclusivity and uncompromising honesty.

LEAP always trying to create a young workforce that is highly motivated with a strong work ethic by understanding student aspirations, informing them about potential opportunities and matching them with employment opportunities and the needs of industry/employers. Every one of their students is important for them and they work hand-in-hand with them to get them one step closer to their aspirations – but more importantly they aim that each LEAP student starts to believe that nothing is out of reach! They were fortunate to get the opportunities to be a part of some of the best institutions and live and work in different countries.

It made them think that in any country, where one is born seems to determine the opportunities one gets. This is starkly visible in a country such as them. They believe that in India, the real challenge facing them is their failure to provide highly motivated youth with the appropriate skill sets that enable them to participate in the Indian growth story.

The Indian growth story is an exciting one and they believe that every young person who is motivated and willing to work hard should have an opportunity to be a part of it. This is not a new issue, and policy in India has shifted to strongly promote the formation of a skilled population. However, despite the influx of participants in the market, there seem to be few models that can break the trilemma between high quality, low costs and a large scale, with most participants so far being able to create models that fit one or two of these criteria, but not all.  Additionally, this is currently a noisy space. With government subsidies, there are a large number of ‘skill development’ initiatives coming up. At Leap Skills Academy, they believe in putting their heads down and working hard, constantly innovating and developing a deep understanding of the communities they are working in – they are in this for the long run. Every decision they take, every process they are putting in place is with an aim to create a high quality, sustainable organization that can scale to its full potential.

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