With an MBA in Retail Management and rich work experience in companies such as eBay India, Wipro Technologies, and, She thought her career path was decided. However, the feeling of being content and at peace was missing. Deep within, She knew She had an entrepreneurial streak which would refuse to die. From starting on her own as a Graphic designer after her B.Com degree to being highly active in the Entrepreneurship Committee of her MBA Institute to entering the corporate sector- these would be split into 2 phases:
First- Independent, Happy, Content
Second- Plodding along in life with no control

It was time to get that fire back and start on her own. She then decided to do something She loves- impacting lives and creating a happier world around her.
She would describe herself as a friendly and outgoing person. She enjoys the outdoor life and travel within and outside India whenever She can. In her spare time, She loves exploring new cafes and restaurants, reading inspirational articles and teaching. She whole-heartedly believes in the law of attraction and that all we are is a result of what we have thought. With that thought, She aims to guide people to create a better and happier version of themselves.

She was diffident during her graduation years. She would go up on stage and present her projects but with a lot of nervousness and self-doubt. Then, when it was the time to appear for her first interview on campus, She was sure of not cracking it. That was the first time She wished She had someone who could help me overcome the false belief that ‘I’m not good enough’. She started attending motivational seminars and workshops and that’s when She knew that this is what She wants to do- pull up those people who were stuck like me in a shell.

Hailing from a business family, business is all that She has heard during her growing up years. It was when She entered her final year of graduation, that She started noticing how her friends would anxiously discuss future career prospects. Without thinking much, She followed the herd and landed her first job in Human Resource with Wipro Technologies for barely three months.

After quitting her job, She started freelancing as a Graphic Designer. Both Wipro Technologies and Graphic designing made me realize that She had an entrepreneurial streak in me and that She was good at building relationships.

She ignored this realization for a few years and went on to pursue MBA, where She became an active part of the entrepreneurship committee of her MBA institute and later on, opted for two jobs. But again, something inside me wouldn’t let me be at peace. She started observing that She found peace when She was around people, teaching students and solving their difficulties in various subjects and being a career and relationship advisor to many friends. It was time to get that fire back and that’s how an Image and Self-Enhancement Coach by the name of Rhea Punjabi was born.

She started training in August 2016. Her first assignment was with the organizer of a kid’s event. The initial investment was of Rs. 5,000 to get her marketing material in place for the event. She invested close to a year in self-enhancement so that She could earn the right to stand here today and train individuals. She also invested a lot of her time in ideation and execution.

Her services:

  • Signature Program- Happiness Workshops
  • Group Training on over 25 Modules for educational institutes, SMEs, MMEs and Corporate (Soft Skills And Image Management)
  • Train Retail Employees on Product as well as the above 25 modules
  • Assessor for Retail ADCs
  • Coaching on Call (For Youth)
  • Online Support

She wouldn’t say She had challenges handling clients or accounts. However, She had challenges selling her services to institutes. After much introspection, She understood that She needed to change her mindset. Initially, She used to think that She need to keep approaching institutes and hard sell her services but with time, She learned that it’s all about understanding the client’s requirements and then, bridging the gap. This is something She gives much focus to even when She trains on Selling Skills!

Categorizing her Challenges:

Happiness: People wonder how She can sell a course on happiness. Well, they are right. Happiness cannot be bought but with little guidance, one can definitely work on being a happier individual. Her happiness program is experiential and activity based. It aims to unsettle the limiting beliefs that each one of us has. A call with the coach can get you to attend this workshop!

Image Management: This is a sunrise industry. While the potential is tremendous, people aren’t too sure about the role of an Image Consultant. “Many times, people contact me thinking I’m a fashion designer, dietician, personal trainer or associated with finishing schools. How does She handle this? She tells them that it is all these and much more. She takes help of events and digital media to spread awareness about her profession.

Soft Skills Training: There are a lot of Soft Skills Trainers in the industry. Moreover, they penetrate the market at extremely low prices. Some trainers have many more titles attached to their profiles such as NLP, Facilitators, behavioral trainers, Storytellers etc. To stand out of this crowd can be challenging at times especially when you don’t want to compromise on your charges. How does She handle this? She offers complimentary workshops for one hour so that the client gets a flavor of her training. Once the client is convinced, there is no further negotiation.

Her vision is to create a life of fullness for each person whom She works with. Her greatest inspiration is nature where She sits calmly and receives much more than She seeks. She aims to transform millions of lives in the coming years.

It has been a good learning experience for me. Initially, She struggled with the smallest of things such as- Do She set up her website on her own or should She take an expert’s help? Should She get into social media advertising or focus only on organic growth? Should She try the simple word of mouth model or go all out making noise? These and much more kept me thinking all the time. But as they say, it’s all about embracing the journey. It was important for me to get these answers on her own as it is only me who knows what She wants from her life. Today, She is in a much calmer space as She has her answers sorted. That being said, without the unending support, encouragement, and prayers from her loved ones, this journey would have been lonely and not as beautiful!

Well said by Rhea Punjabi

Spend time with yourself. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we have forgotten who we really are. Nowhere on earth will you get such a peaceful and untroubled retreat!

Hailing from a computer background, Paras Gaba had proven skills in the corporate alliance, technology, branding, digital transformation, growth hacking, and entrepreneurship. Vast and versatile experience from management to IT industry, and entrepreneurial organization to not-for-profit units.

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