Early Life

Avelo Roy was born from the family of Sarojini Naidu. He was naturally inclined towards leadership and had early exposure to Entrepreneurship through his father. He spent most of his childhood in “The City of Joy” i.e, Kolkata.

Avelo Roy was a bright student always. He completed his schooling at Calcutta Boy’s School and Cambridge.

Later he was graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. His journey as an entrepreneur was started at the age of 19.


  • Mr. Roy was developing and implementing the brand strategy as a Marketing Manager at ISKCON, Chicago during July 2012.
  • He was co-founder and product Manager at Pong Works Interactive during July 2013.
  • He was the product manager for Quill for Google Analytics. It’s an artificial Intelligence which transforms big data into human-friendly narratives.
  • He was Cofounder, Inventor & Product Manager for emotion group Inc and served for 6 years.
  • He was Product Manager & Pre-Sales Engineer for InnerWorkings.

“Invest in yourself every day by becoming more intelligent, more valuable, and more skilled and use it to change the lives of people around you.”

Achievements and Abilities

Mr. Roy won more than 14 business plan competitions in USA and Canada and was also honored by California State Senate.

He was invited to speak at white house panel for Entrepreneurship Education.

He was invited to be a speaker at TEDX Talk.

He was featured on prominent broadcasts like CNN Money, ABC 7, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and other US media

He is currently leading as:

  • MD of Kolkata Ventures (Kolkata)
  • Country head AIWA(India)
  • Owner and Director, ECC Engineering(Kolkata)
  • Board Member, Spring Ventures(Hong Kong)
  • Advisor, Acumare Dynamics(Chicago)

What makes Kolkata Ventures a better place?

Virtual Incubation Programme is a structured module specifically designed to help you start, grow and scale up through expert guidance, access to startup resources and funding without the constraint of having to work from a specific place or office.

Rockstar business people from India and US share important lessons they have taken in the most difficult way possible building their endeavors so you that can assemble yours easily. Persuade the chance to be coached and guided by them through a coordinated mentorship session.

They provide the first funding for your startup to help you prove out your big idea and validate your business model.

You get to meet your co-founder, investor, designer or engineer through their vast international network in India, US, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. The group of advisors and mentors are here to help find exactly who is needed in the team.

Avelo Roy’s presence in the market:

Avelo strongly believes in the concept of the gift economy. Here he is offering a gift of knowledge and experiences that helped him build his businesses. Nothing is expected in return, but any form of reciprocation is most welcome!!

Avelo extends a hand of companionship to his pursuers and welcomes you to connect with him with your inquiries…

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