How To Replace Window Glass

Do you have difficulty replace window glass in your home or place of business?

This article will help you deal with minor household problems associated with the repair of window or patio door glass replacement. We hope this material will help you deal with minor window repairs and residential window glass replacement without resorting to the services of a professional.

Is it possible to change the glass without contacting glass replacement companies in Chicago? You can do window repairs yourself. Almost everyone can do all the necessary work. The owner of the house himself will cope with the replacement of glass, even if he does all the work alone.

The double-glazed window is changed in the following cases:

  • When carrying out repair, restoration work. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is installed on the facade of the building, and the window through which this operation can be performed has a fixed part.
  • When the glass is broken. If the integrity of the double-glazed window is broken, then the heat loss increases many times (see photo).
  • To restore the tightness of the structure. Wooden or plastic windows, in order to preserve thermal insulation properties, are checked for tightness at least once a year, preferably in a warm month.
  • In emergency situations. When an open deaf light opening contributes to a way out of extraordinary circumstances.

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UPVC window pane glass replacement in Chicago

The problem of replacing glass in double-glazed windows is always relevant, and it does not matter whether you have a new window installed or a window that has served you for many years.
First you need to install the plastic plates on the frame. The gap should be 10 cm. After that, the required number of gaskets must be laid on the bottom fold.

The next stage is the installation of glass on the gaskets, as well as its fixing in the bottom fold. You need to be as careful as possible, otherwise damage to the glass unit seal cannot be avoided.
Then, it remains only to fix the glass by installing the necessary seals and glazing beads.

Replacing glass is not particularly difficult but it takes is as much attention as possible. Only in this case, you can count on the fact that all the work will be done accurately.

Replacing glass in a wooden window

In wooden windows of the old sample, a double-glazed window is formed on a frame of two glasses. Fixation is provided either with wooden rectangular, semicircular glazing beads with nails, or the glass is unfastened in the opening with metal stops (nails, triangular plate), which are hidden under a layer of special putty.

To get started house window glass replacement in Chicago, you will need a knife or chisel, masking tape and knitted gloves to remove the pieces.
Put on knitted or leather gloves to protect your hands. Remove the fragments, and cover the rest in the frame with tape. Then remove the glazing beads, which are designed to hold the glass to the frame, and nails. Remove the putty with a knife or a sharp object if the planks were compacted with it. After that, the remaining fragments will not be difficult to remove.

For subsequent glass replacement work, you will need: 3-4 mm thick glass, a tape measure, nails, a glass cutter, a small hammer and a transparent sealant.
Before inserting glass into a wooden frame, it is necessary to prepare it. Cut the canvas yourself or order in the workshops. Glass is cut 2-3 mm less than the window frame. If it is inserted closely, the window may crack as the wooden frame expands from moisture.

Next, insert a new glass and tightly fix it with glazing beads. To prevent the glass from breaking when you’re nailing, place a piece of cardboard underneath and slide the side of the hammer over it.

Advice! To eliminate gaps, we recommend laying the glass on a layer of window putty or silicone sealant, as well as sealing the joints before attaching the glazing bead. This will eliminate possible drafts and make your room warmer in winter.

If the glass of your window is somehow damaged, or you decide to improve its heat-saving and protective properties, but do not want to spend personal time on this, contact the window repair service. A professional will quickly and competently help to solve problems related to improving the quality  characteristics of the window.

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