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The shark tank India startup Gold Life has raised INR 50 lakhs for the equity of 30% from Shark tank India. Shark tank India investors Vineeta, Ghazal and Peyush, invested in this anti-suicide rod startup.

Namitha and Anupam withdrew due to scalability issues. When Shark Peyush made his offer, he offered 10 lakhs at 10% equity and 40 lakhs at 12 per cent as debt. Sharks Vineeta and Ghazal made a last offer of Rs. 50 lakhs for a 30 per cent stake in the business, which the company accepted. The team offered that all the three sharks join the business for 50 lakhs at 30 % equity. The arrangement was sealed when all three sharks agreed. Shark Vineeta went on to say that it’s important not to obsess about what your rivals are doing since this might cause your priorities to alter. You must always concentrate on your plans, tactics, and people to have great company.

About Gold Life shark tank India startup

In our nation and throughout the globe, mental health and suicide are significant issues. The National Bureau of Investigation estimates that 1.53 lakh people will take their own lives by suicide by 2020. Suicide kills an average of 145 people every day. So an anti-suicide fan rod was developed to address this issue.

Gourab Ashani and Sharad Ashani designed the rod, built using spring technology that folds out if the weight applied to it exceeds the anticipated weight. They’ve had their items examined by the MSME laboratory. They’ve supplied more than half a million goods in the last four years, many of which were geared at public accommodations like hostels, hotels, hospitals, and lodges. They want to lower the number of suicides globally.

Problem solved by Gold Life.

Suicide rates among students are greater than those of any other age group, and this gadget may help. The anti-suicide fan rod, created by Gold Life entrepreneurs, is a simple gadget anybody can put in their home, college, hostel, hotel, or business. It contains a spring mechanism that, if overloaded, opens up and lowers the person attempting to hang themselves to the ground while sounding an alarm to alert anybody close to coming to their rescue.

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