Daakroom Has Raised ₹ 36 lakh for 6% equity From Shark Tank India S3. Ritesh Agarwal Invested in this startup. Daakroom asks for ₹ 36 Lakh for 4% equity.

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About Daakroom:

The founder of the company is Harnehmat Kaur and Shivani Mehta. Harnehmat Kaur has completed her Bachelor’s degree from the National Institute of Design. She did an internship at Design Factory India and held the role of Exhibition and Spatial Designer and Team Manager there.

Before founding Daakroom, she worked as a freelance designer and consultant at Maya Hotels and also had experience as co-founder and creative head at Battees. Prior to this, she worked as a teacher at Rajendra Academy and did other creative work as a content writer, client relationship manager, freelancer, and more.

Shivani Mehta has studied Bachelor of Design from the National Institute of Design. She has experience in the roles of Design Researcher and Freelance UI Designer. Before Daakroom, she was the founder of BioQ Eco Solutions.

Daakroom provides event management services for letter writing and content writing. They make their unique plan to provide products and services while providing games along with education. Nowadays people do not have time to pursue interesting experiences towards artistic inclination. In this hustle and bustle, they have started the service of organizing design, education, and cultural activities in keeping with today’s life.

Daakroom Business Statistics:

8 lakh letters have been written with the Daakroom. Letter Writing Carnival costs ₹100 to ₹250 and around 6000 to 7000 people participate in it. Daakroom has 4 sources of income: School Programs, Campaigns, Events, and Products.

Daakroom’s sales are distributed across various channels, with marketing campaigns and events contributing 55%, school programs making up 41%, and carnivals accounting for the remaining 4%.

Daakroom’s sales for the fiscal year 2023-24, until October, amount to ₹90 lakh, with an EBITDA of -15%. Projected sales for the same fiscal year are expected to reach ₹1.46 crore. Notably, sales from fiscal year 2016 to 2022 totaled ₹61 lakh, witnessing an increase in fiscal year 2022-23 to ₹42 lakh.

What Problem Do They Solve?

Daakroom presents such interesting letter writing and artistic ideas to the people in a model of educating people including;

  • Daakroom Learning and Therapy
  • Daakroom Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • Daakroom Cognitive and Emotional Development
  • Daakroom Communication and Self-Expression

They also run departments like Creative Writing, Personal and Formal Communication and Write to Your Role Model in the Writing Curriculum of Daakroom.

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WeHear – HearNU Has Raised ₹ 2.5 Crores From Shark Tank India S3

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[…] Also read: Daakroom Has Raised ₹ 36 lakhs From Shark Tank India S3 […]

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