In a Business context, I hope the most used word is confidence. But the word has many meanings and implications. Confidence has to be understood correctly; else the repercussion will be worse. The Confidence is some kind of feeling that should make one get into a task without knowing fully if he would pull it off or not. But for that to happen, one must have gone through a certain experience where some three essentials should have taken place. In other words, you don’t do things once you get confidence. But you get confidence just by doing things. You need to have achieved certain things before feeling confident. One cannot create confidence out of thin air. But it can be built step by step by mastering these three steps which we are going to see in this article.
If you have read all my three articles before now you might be familiar that I prefer to speak in the language of threes. Likewise the last C of the business success – Confidence is also built by building three things. Obviously, you need to have first 2 C’s ticked to get into the third C as all of them are hierarchical. Yet there are three things that will ensure the confidence is imbibed in you. The whole industry of HR Training and Coaching is built just by ensuring that they can either instill confidence on themselves or imbibe confidence in themselves. But as a matter of fact, they can only give 24% of that even if they are the best coaches and trainers. Rest 76% has to be done by you and only you. In order to do that you have to build it by following the three steps
After getting clarity on what to do and why to do that and how to do, you then have to work on the courage to execute the stuff. Now after executing it, you need to have these three things to build your confidence. Remember confidence has to be built not created. Those three things are
• Mindfulness
• Learning
• Gratitude


What is mindfulness and how it is connected with building confidence? Being mindful is not a woo du thing which is related to spirituality zone alone. Anyone who is living on this earth has a good thought to move towards the next level. When we try to do that, the process has two levels. One the intention and other is execution. To intend you need a mind, that’s all. But to execute any humans have got only two tools that our brain and the body. In simple terms, mindfulness is putting both tools and the mind in the same place. That means when your body, brain, and the mind is focusing on only one thing that is called as mindfulness. When an act is done after getting the courage, that act should have the attention of all three things mentioned above. This is the only way we can understand the thing which we can do in a better manner. If you are not observing, then you cannot understand. If you do not understand, then you cannot learn.


Learning is a process that has to happen if we want to evolve. Aldous Huxley is a famous English novelist and I am a great fan of his sentence, “Experience is not what happens to you, but it’s what you do with what happened to you”. So to make the experience count we have to learn from that experience. In order to learn we have to be mindful of the experience, first. I hope you get the connection. Learning as a process has three stages (I know, again three, bear with me) so if you want to learn something, you should know  (1) where (2) how to construct (3) when to conclude. So when you are mindful of the experience you know what to improve. Learning helps you to have a holistic mastery of the thing which has to be improved if one follows the three stages of learning.


While you were in the process of learning, you cannot help but notice that so many people were supportive and helpful in that process. When you think of them the feeling of gratitude should come. Some might feel entitled, but if they do they are missing an important link in building confidence. So being mindful is the first step, learning from that mindful experience is the second step and having and expressing gratitude to people who enabled us to complete the process is the third step.
When one practices all three things, it is certain that confidence will be built in him/her. Hope now you have a blueprint to work on your confidence. Please let me know what do you think in the comment section.

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