Autobidder is Indore based startup disrupting the used car market with their unique live auction and stunning auction days. We are automotive startup basically dealing in buying and selling of used cars through unique two distinct auction channels for C2B and B2B transactions. With our technology we aim to find the best demand in that particular region for pre-owned cars as a result we offer best buying rates to our customers for their pre-owned cars as well as help them find their next dream car with our closed online platform making it easier to find best fit in their budget with transparent condition.
The idea is to improve your pre-owned car selling experience and not letting you become a sales person for your pre owned car by going to dozens of dealers and hundreds of dodgy online leads. Our well-trained inspection team prepares an unbiased inspection report of the car which then goes for auction with our channel partners, best bid offer from our auction is offered to the customer, happy with our price we close the deal with all paper work and rto requirements and the customer gets instant payment for his car. Then after for buying a car a customer can take part in our online live auctions or participate in any of our next auction days.
A one stop scientific console wherein you may bid upon Second hand – expert certified – efficient Dream car of yours right from your home. The platform also provides an opportunity for you to sell your old car at the right price with scientific valuation backing it up.


Enabling selling & buying of a used car, such that second is the new first, enabling people to fulfill the biggest dream they ever visualize i.e. To Buy High-End Premium Vehicles at the most affordable prices.


Every car that is sold, we help in spotting the best demand for the vehicle, as a result, offer highest guaranteed price for their car.
With a prior Business acumen, Rahul Sao Founder & CEO Autobidder used to run a Premium Car detailing & reselling business back in the UK before one day he decided to return back to India and build his brand in India. Rahul Sao founded Autobidder after 7 years experience of running auto trade business in UK and India collectively, this idea took origin when I was doing a project of 385 flood auction cars and taking part in various car auctions. The second-hand automobile market is a very cluttered as well as a vulnerable market in India. There is some belief’s that revolve around buying second-hand products. People are not comfortable to buy second-hand products. Problem is that people are apprehensive about the quality and valuation of the vehicle. We are able to solve it.

Current status

They are currently operational in Indore with one company centre live for car inspections. With our website and app live for your next dream car please refer also stay updated with our Facebook page.

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