AMITECH is the Annual Techno-Cultural Fest of AMITY University. After a long and occupied semester, this fest works like a breath of fresh air for AMITY Students and faculties alike. Everyone excitedly participates in it. It’s a stage for the AMITY Students to promote & rediscover their creative qualities, skills, and talent along these lines helping them accomplish a better & more versatile personality. Volunteers of AMITY School of Engineering and Technology works in groups/team every year, managing the different events & workshops, always endeavoring to improve each AMITECH than the past one.

What does Wiki say About AMITECH?

Wiki says “AMITECH is the college’s annual cultural festival and features dance and music performances amongst its events.”

About AMITY University


Ever since its establishment in 2003, AMITY University has been a pioneer in edifying youthful personalities and souls, in this way empowering them to become successful, yet thoughtful and concerned citizen. It has built up itself as the most reputed university in our country.

AMITY University is the most leading educational group of India with more than 1,25,000 students studying crosswise over 1000 sections of land of hi-tech AMITY Campus.

At AMITY University, Students are energetic about grooming volunteers who are not only professionally experts as well as great individuals with Skills, Talents, and Sanskars. This is only one of the many reasons, why AMITY University is reliably positioned #1 in India.

Stay tuned with Community for more Updates about AMITECH’17.

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